Joyous to Be Podcast

Joyous to Be is a podcast about self-love, about how to set and protect your boundaries, stay inspired, trust in yourself and the Universal love for you, about how to build beautiful harmonious relationships with other people staying true to yourself in the process.

This is a podcast about personal and spiritual growth, about how to listen to your intuition, believe in your dreams and follow them.


16. Are You a Bad Teacher/Coach?
Show Details43min 39s
15. Questions I Was Asked While Manifesting My Husband. Part 2
Show Details42min 37s
14. Stupid Questions I Was Asked When I Was Manifesting Love. Part 1
Show Details31min 14s
13. Valuable Life Lessons. Answering Questions About What I Feel Drawn to Teach
Show Details1hr 9min
12. Set Your Standards High. Money is Your Birthright
Show Details58min 3s
11. Your Purpose Is to Be You with Petia Kolibova
Show Details1hr 4min
10. Returning to Self-Love | My Love Story pt.2
Show Details48min 8s
09. From Crushed Self-Esteem Back Up. My Love Story pt.1
Show Details36min 8s
08. Self-love is the Foundation. People Will Treat You the Way You Treat Yourself
Show Details29min 21s
07. The Power of Not Thinking. The Easiest Way to Meditate to Connect to Your Higher Self
Show Details47min 25s
06. What to do when your family doesn't support your dreams
Show Details25min 7s
05. Self love comes first. Return back to love in your own time
Show Details26min 7s
04. How to protect yourself from negative energy
Show Details25min 1s
03. Getting better at making your dreams come true
Show Details31min 53s
02. How to feel good and why. How the law of attraction works
Show Details34min 7s
01. Introduction. How my personal growth journey began
Show Details25min 18s