Galina Smith | The Advent of Love

30m | Dec 9, 2022

Join Wendi in today’s episode as she chats with CareImpact’s Trauma Care Associate, Galina Smith, about how she has been personally impacted by the war in Ukraine and what loving our neighbour means in the midst of war and conflict.

Galina is a Russian immigrant who resides in Annapolis, Nova Scotia with her husband and two children. In one of her travels to Ukraine a few years ago, she fell in love with the people of Ukraine and their language, creating long-lasting and beautiful friendships with her country’s perceived enemies. She shares the complexity and heartbreak of being caught in the tension of differing viewpoints and political propaganda while feeling shame and grief over the acts of violence caused by her own country towards people she now considers family.

If you’re struggling to love and forgive those who have caused deep hurt and pain to your loved ones, this episode is a must-listen. Through Galina’s story, you can begin the journey of love and forgiveness this advent season.

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