The Power of Relational Philanthropy | Doris Olafsen

35m | Feb 10, 2023

If you’re a philanthropist at heart, and love learning about fundraising, and donor engagement, this episode is definitely for you!

Doris Olafsen, founder of DO Philanthropy Inc., talks about what it means to be a philanthropist, some fundraising 101 and how to meaningfully engage donors. Doris’ passion to connect the right people to an organization and see charities and philanthropists succeed has made her a trusted coach and consultant for the past 25 years. Growing up in poverty herself, Doris knows all too well the difference a community can make in the lives of children and families in hard places. If you're a leader at a non-profit or any ministry, this episode will reignite the embers of your dreams and help you start believing that your calling is significant and there is more than enough in the Kingdom for you to succeed. 

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