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My name is Joel Haston but I'm usually called Joel Cupcake. I'm from the 831 / Bay Area of Northern CA, I have been working in the music industry for over 15 years running PinUp Productions & Artist Management! I have always been the type of guy to follow to my dreams and go where the wind takes me and started this Vlog (and since converted it to a podcast) to discuss the world today, everything going on currently with the extra creative time, give advice on the goings of the music and most importantly so people can get to know not only me but sometimes my guests UNEDITED & unfiltered!

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FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/joel.haston

TWITCH: Twitch.tv/JoelCupcakeLive

LINKEDIN: www.linkedin.com/in/joelhaston/

PERSONAL WEBSITE: www.JoelHaston.com

You can find my companies via www.PinUpPresents.net and www.PinUpArtistManagement.com