JJL sports talk show

We talk about the most recent news in the sports world, we mainly Focus on NBA and NFL and MLB, but if the viewers want to talk about something else fill free to let me know


Season 3 Episode 2: don't be afraid to ask for help
Show Details2hr 6min
Season 3 Episode 1: Off The Rip
Show Details1hr 54min
Season 2 Episode 10: What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas
Show Details1hr 50min
Season 2 Episode 9: NBA Opening Night Recap and NFL Recap
Show Details1hr 51min
Season 2 Episode 8:Friday Frenzy
Show Details1hr 27min
Season 2 Episode 7: Sports Chop Talk
Show Details2hr 1min
Season 2 Episode 6: Monday Night Madness
Show Details1hr 36min
Season 2 Episode 5: The Three stooges
Show Details2hr 14min
Season 2: Malice in the palace and other sports news
Show Details1hr 10min
Season 2: NBA and NFL recap of the week
Show Details1hr 47min
episode 5: Crazy week of free agency
Show Details1hr 54min
Episode 4: NFL and NBA news and Olympic basketball news
Show Details35min 6s
NBA Finals recap, and the future of the NBA with rising stars
Show Details32min 33s
Birthday Podcast- Sports recap of the week
Show Details30min 49s
They Hate Me cause they Ain't Me
Show Details59min 3s
4s Up with #44 Amaya Ransom
Show Details43min 46s
Coming together as a nation:In the sports world
Show Details25min 45s
kickin it with Anthony and peter
Show Details2hr 13min
Crazy week of sports
Show Details29min 37s
Episdoe 6:Chop Talk: NBA and NFL edition
Show Details1hr 25min
Episode 5: What is going on with James Harden and Kyrie Irving?????
Show Details16min 49s
episode 4:Brotherly love
Show Details29min 59s
Episode 3:NFL and NBA
Show Details12min 7s
Episode 2:special guest Kyle iddings
Show Details23min 44s
Episode one:the NBA bubble
Show Details10min 18s