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Jesus in Books

Narratives about the Christ.


The Meaning of Mealtime
Show Details13min 36s
The Mystery Behind Meekness
Show Details15min 36s
The Young and the Reluctant: Stories on the Hidden Years of Christ
Show Details12min 37s
Jesus, God of Surprises... and Disguises
Show Details13min 39s
What "Utterly Destroy" Actually Means in the Old Testament
Show Details12min 9s
How to Tie Your Shoelaces like Jesus
Show Details13min 36s
Why Jesus Was Probably Married with Children
Show Details12min 56s
Black Jesus and the Rastafari
Show Details11min 49s
Why Does Jesus Get Angry More in Mark?
Show Details16min 27s
Getting to the True Character of God
Show Details12min 30s
How Jesus Found out He Was the Messiah
Show Details16min 11s
Just How Scandalous Was Jesus?
Show Details20min 50s
7 Reasons Why Jesus Would Be Unemployable in Today’s Job Market
Show Details14min 40s
Where Does Jesus Stand on the Issue of Animal Rights?
Show Details14min 4s
Food for Thought Regarding Homeless People
Show Details15min 29s
The Striking Similarities Between Jesus Christ and the Buddha
Show Details22min 59s
How Mormons Perceive Jesus in Scripture, Art and Hymn
Show Details15min 38s
The Son of God Likes to Have Fun Too
Show Details13min 59s
Why Jesus Gave His First Parable on a Boat
Show Details16min 6s