Jays Journal Podcast - May 26. "The Pendulum Always Swings."

1h 11m | May 26, 2018
As the Blue Jays continue their road trip against quality teams like the Phillies and Red Sox, it's becoming abundantly clear that something's got to give when it comes to preserving the fleeting sanity of their concerned fanbase. Specifically, how close the team is to making a decision regarding their mercurial prospect (Vlad Guerrero Jr.) and their equally mercurial disappointments (Kendrys Morales, Randal Grichuk, Marcus Stroman) through the early stages of the season.

Joining me to explore all possibilities are true baseball soothsayers and raconteurs; first, Sportsnet's Ben Nicholson-Smith (@bnicholsonsmith) drops in and offers a closer look at the differences between the 2017 and 2018 teams, how much of this recent stretch can be attributed to sheer bad luck, what John Gibbons has to do to motivate his slumping players, if the Blue Jays can compete with teams like the LA Angels and Seattle Mariners, and how quickly he'd bring up Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to join this year's struggling edition of the team.

Next, I'm joined by three writers and bloggers whose expertise on the game of baseball needs to be heard in order to be enjoyed; Marshall Auerback (@mauerback) from the Levy Institute (@LevyEcon), Diamyn Hall (@DiamynHall) from Wright State Baseball (@WSUbaseball), and Ian Hunter (@BlueJaysHunter) from The Sporting News MLB (@sn_mlb). Together, we discuss: if fans should be panicking at this stage in the season, their candid thoughts on the struggles of Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez, musings on contending and rebuilding aka being half-in and half-out, and how to manage expectations when it comes to the elevation of Vladimir Guerrero Jr. to the big leagues.
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