Jays Journal Podcast - June 5. "Gambling Debts & Evil Empires."

1h 30m | Jun 5, 2018
The Blue Jays find themselves facing American League East opponents over the next nine days beginning with a six-game soiree against the New York Yankees and Baltimore Orioles. Although the season has proven to be a colossal disappointment to many, I invite you to check out my latest intrepid foray into the hearts and minds of faithful bloggers, writers, and true baseball experts whose wizened perspectives may help mold the way you'll perceive the future of this team.

Joining me on this episode is one of the most esteemed and dynamic baseball writers across Canada, the Tao of Stieb (@taooftstieb) from Rogers Sportsnet, who offers up exclusively candid takes on a multitude of pressing Blue Jays issues: his thoughts on the team’s gruesome May, if Vlad Guerrero Jr. is on borrowed time in the minors, thoughts on the real legacy of John Gibbons, if the chemistry in April could be bottled and replicated in June, on the surreal rise and fall of Joe Biagini, why Kendrys Morales and Russell Martin remain stalwarts in a struggling lineup, and how Randal Grichuk is his choice for true cavalry salvation. (0:45-38:10)

If that doesn't whet your palate enough, I urge you to keep listening for an action-packed round table consisting of podcaster Sam Mendelsohn (@Mendy_Island), producer Jon Reid (@JonReid590), and sportscaster Colin Teskey (@TeskeyRadio). Together, we explore if the Blue Jays season is salvageable, what really happened to Marcus Stroman, why Pete Walker and Brook Jacoby are still employed, if the criticism being levied against Gibby is fair, why delaying a rebuild may come back to haunt Mark Shapiro, and the growing dilemma that is Josh Donaldson's horrific season. (38:10-90:19)
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