Jays Journal Podcast - May 3. "The Best Laid Plans."

45m | May 4, 2018
After a pleasantly surprising start to the 2018 campaign, the Toronto Blue Jays find themselves ahead of the grade and yet seemingly always behind the bend in the American League East. With the twin juggernauts (Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees) asserting themselves as the "super teams" they truly are, one can only hope that a solid April will turn into an even more prosperous May - one that will see the club facing an unprecedented level of quality competition and genuine baseball adversity. 

Join us on this episode of the Jays Journal podcast as host Ari Shapiro brings you a compelling and immersive round table discussion featuring two exceptionally savvy and renowned scribes: Tao of Stieb (@TaoofStieb) of Rogers Sportsnet and Jason Woodell (@JasonAtTheGame) of

Their thoughts on how the Blue Jays have cooled off after their red hot start, why certain players are struggling mightily (Grichuk, Morales) while others are succeeding almost inexplicably (Solarte, Granderson), how to reconcile a lack of hitting discipline and burgeoning strikeout rates in the days to come, if the team is prepared to be patient with a scuffling and dreadfully one-dimensional Kendrys Morales, their predictions on the likelihood of an earth-shattering Vlad Guerrero Jr. sighting before the summer, on the Shapiro-Atkins paradigm and their aversion to high-risk/high-priced talents, and what it ultimately means when this team demonstrates it can win without Josh Donaldson in the lineup. (4:48-44:51)
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Jays Journal Podcast on the Toronto Blue Jays