Jays Journal Podcast - Episode 73. "Confronting Sobering Realities."

1h 13m | Jul 8, 2018
Normally, I would name an episode of the show after a certain sentiment or inspired thoughts based on how the team is playing – especially after dropping a transparently winnable series against the New York Yankees. But given the circumstances of what has been a season to forget, I decided to settle on a title that’s reflective of the cold, hard reality of numerical facts – that this is in fact the seventy-third episode of this podcast’s venerable history, and that the 2018 Toronto Blue Jays are steering into the 89th Midsummer Classic with a team which doesn't have a single starter with an ERA under 4.00 and nary a hitter to be found who isn’t hitting below a .260 batting average. Dark times indeed, my friends.

To celebrate such ignominious realizations comes a fresh and exciting audio deliverance that promises to keep you temporarily distracted from the unbearable lightness of baseball being. I’ve cobbled together precisely the kind of organized diversion that will leave the listener with plenty of room for romanticized optimism and abundant idealism wrapped gently between layers of stone-cold sobering realities.

First, it's my pleasure to bring forth an exclusive interview with the incredibly talented and always indefatigable Arden Zwelling (@ArdenZwelling) of Sportsnet magazine, who was patient enough to withstand a volley of some substantial “on the spot” style questioning related to the return of Roberto Osuna, the employment status of John Gibbons, and how this season will be looked upon by future generations of fans. (0:00-29:12)

Next, Charlie Marshall (@cwmarshall98) and Hayden Godfrey (@HaydenGodfreyy), two of our most prodigious writers at the Jays Journal, take a few moments to answer my obvious question that’s on the lips of most of the fanbase: how does one stay inspired to write about these woefully underachieving Blue Jays? Not surprisingly, they left me charged with youthful enthusiasm amidst all my cantankerous inquisitiveness with a hearty dose of good ole' fashioned prospect projections. (29:13-34:10)

And finally - and this one’s a doozy, I was able to rally three razor-sharp minds and equally loquacious voices to my grand round table; celebrated blogger and writer Tao of Stieb (@TaoOfStieb), the voice of the Lansing Lugnuts and author of The Baseball Thesaurus, Jesse Goldberg-Strassler (@jgoldstrass), and uber producer at the Fan590 and co-host of The Southpaw Slice (@Southpaw_Slice), Jon Reid (@JonReid590), all hunker down with me to slay the cynicism, outrage, and remains of the day with endless dosages of soothsaying wisdom that’s likely the best ointment you’ll ever find. (34:11-73:29)
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