Jawn or Die

A unique view on the world of Philadelphia sports, focusing on the Union, Flyers and Temple


Flyers Friday
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Emergency podcast: Carson Wentz
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CNN the Game show
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Banana man Kevin Hayes
Show Details17min 7s
Pinnacle of Dad Joke mountain
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Karaoke and thigh high boots
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Face mites and Fuller House
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The timeshare podcast wars
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Pepper spray at CVS
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The wave and the floss
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A time for change
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NBA Instagram, Scott Boras, and Michigan Basketball
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GOT finally ended! Also the 2019 Stanley Cup Final is a thing
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Magic Johnson, Dave Hextall, and USMNT
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Union postgame: 5/18 draw against the Seattle Sounders
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Fake fans
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Flyers Friday
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Philadelphia Union: A love story
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Crying Knicks fans
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NBA Draft and spiraling out of control
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Welp! A Sixers rant
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