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James PoeArtistry (Product of Culture) website articles and podcasts you will find helpful in the areas of communication, dignity spirituality, and entertaining your mind.


Garrison Living Experienced
Show Details14min 7s
You Are Talent Manifest By JPP
Show Details1min 48s
Orange Health and Great Taste
Show Details8min 58s
Jesus Biography Has Famous Names
Show Details10min 46s
Commentary on How Star Trek Tasted Armageddon
Show Details5min 11s
A Leonard Nimoy Statement on Star Trek
Show Details6min 32s
Taylor Swift—Love In Thinking Fairness
Show Details12min 47s
2022 Did You Attend the Dr Swift NYU Happy Graduation
Show Details9min 18s
Valuing The Cost of Friendship
Show Details2min 58s
2 Reading A Mark Twain Story Commentary
Show Details16min 8s
Commentary and Journalism The Difference By JPP
Show Details6min 23s
Accurate Information — He Blessed Our Soul
Show Details9min 30s
Stan Lee Knowing His Mind and Heart
Show Details8min 52s
Star Trek Commentary Where No Man Has Gone
Show Details5min 57s
Even He Made A Tent — Honorably Lucrative
Show Details9min 27s
JPP Special Sharing Weekend Sept 2022
Show Details2min 55s
The 5 Start of Knowledge
Show Details4min 16s
Intro Start To Apples and Oranges By JPP
Show Details7min 2s
Are These October Favorite Things
Show Details9min 44s
This Was Taught All Too Well
Show Details22min 30s
Knowledge Is The Sage Poetry
Show Details1min 47s
1 The Dark Roast or Frap Answering Series By JPP
Show Details5min 25s
John Chapter 14 Reading By JPP
Show Details2min 22s
The Champions Moving on From Whipping Boy
Show Details10min 46s
Thoroughbred to a Masterpiece
Show Details14min 27s
The Epiphany in Silence
Show Details7min 31s
Thomas Sowell A Library Oasis
Show Details7min 48s
Savoring Ah My Hennessy
Show Details2min 52s
Exodus Chapter 1 verses 1 to 12 Reading
Show Details2min 29s
Friend in Brother in Esau
Show Details27min 39s
Words in Writing F
Show Details1min 56s
Dilraba Dilmurat A Recommended Talent
Show Details5min 37s
Remembering The Resurrection SPECIAL By JPP
Show Details9min 57s
Our Wealth Part 1 of 3 Series By JPP
Show Details8min 10s
Time to Learn and Mother
Show Details3min 57s
Time — Millennials Please Never Forget
Show Details17min 2s
The Sage Apples and Oranges Series By JPP
Show Details8min 42s
The Duck To A Swan
Show Details4min 13s
The Good Book Kind
Show Details2min 14s
1 Reading A Mark Twain Story Commentary
Show Details10min 44s
The Return of the Archons Star Trek Commentary
Show Details8min 4s
Thats The Way of The World Part A
Show Details20min 45s
1 Harp of Pleasantries
Show Details6min 17s