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Jak'D: the Jak and Daxter Podcast

This is an all things Jak and Daxter podcast! Join us every week for updates on the latest and greatest within the franchise and to listen to discussions centred around that week's gameplay.


#26 NEW TPL Cheat, Ratchet and Clank & Jak 2 Game Discussions
Show Details52min 32s
#24 Our Dream TPL Levels
Show Details45min 5s
#23 A Jak and Daxter Easter (late for 2021, or very early for 2022)!
Show Details1hr 4min
#22 Josh Mansell and The Precursor Legacy FINALE
Show Details57min 29s
#21 Jak and Daxter Cereal and Soundtrack Daxdoms
Show Details50min 34s
#20 Jak Rumours, Jak'D Mail and...Daxtoms?
Show Details41min 46s
#19 Uncovered Jak and Daxter Deleted Cutscene?!
Show Details50min 34s
#18 Mar Lava!
Show Details42min 8s
#17 Jak and Daxter TPL: Spider Caves
Show Details49min 3s
Jak'D Precursor Legacy Movie (Cutscenes) Commentary
Show Details51min 27s
#16 The Knight Before Christmas (Jak and Daxter Christmas special and TPL Snowy Mountain)
Show Details45min 29s
#15 Jak'D: Fake Rumours and Jak'D Mail
Show Details49min
Jak'D #14 - TPL Volcanic Crater
Show Details39min 43s
#13 Jak is on the PS5! (kind of) and the Mountain Pass
Show Details51min 6s
#12 Jak and Daxter Halloween Special
Show Details54min 14s
What the Explorers Found | A Jak and Daxter Horror Story by Derrin Maloney
Show Details13min 22s
#11 Jak and Daxter's Scottish Origins or Harry Potter's Balls?
Show Details47min 53s
#10 Cutter Garcia & 'Your Favourite Ass Crack'
Show Details1hr 7min
#9 Moles, Holes and Flag Poles
Show Details38min 40s
#8 Party Rock! Jak and Daxter Lore and Rock Village
Show Details44min 50s
#7 Jak and Daxter Reimagining 'Leak' and Fire Canyon
Show Details1hr 2min
Jak and Daxter #6 Muse Abuse
Show Details58min 2s
#5 Torn interview, Luis David and Misty Island Part 1
Show Details1hr 2min
Jak'D #4 State of Play and BIRDS... (Sentinel Beach)
Show Details47min 47s
#3 Jak and Daxter: Rumours and Florida (Sandover Village)
Show Details42min 33s