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Jadi Podcast?

Welcome to Jadi Podcast, with Kevin, Sho, and Richelleen! This podcast will cover very random topics from relationships to conspiracy theories.

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Episode 11 - Flag Ceremony, New Note, and Indonesia's Future
Show Details38min 27s
Episode 10 - Bullying and Self-Love ft. Lamtiar
Show Details38min 27s
Episode 9 - Online School, Virtual Background, and Old Laptop
Show Details36min 11s
Episode 8 - Bermuda Triangle, 911, and Corona
Show Details39min 7s
Episode 7 - Jealousy and Toxic Relationship
Show Details37min 5s
Episode 6 - Someone's Single Pringle!
Show Details36min 26s
Episode 5 - Co-leading BBPB Surabaya ft. Celine
Show Details39min 17s
Episode 4 - Coffee is better than tea?
Show Details28min 33s
Episode 3 - Schools: IB or CIE?
Show Details37min 16s
Episode 2 - Coronavirus
Show Details34min 18s
Episode 1 - Introduction
Show Details18min 17s