• S5 Ep1 | Teaching looked-after children (Guest: Sophie Rayner)

    Welcome back to our monthly podcast! This episode, Marie and Jodi talk to Sophie Rayner, who runs a children's home in the south of England, about the challenges faced by looked-after children in school. What can teachers do to ease their educational path?

    22m | Jan 26, 2024
  • S4 Ep8 | Meet our Christmas-ologist! (Guest: Claire Yaxley)

    It's that's time of year again! Pop on our festive podcast and listen to teaching tips from our resident Christmas-ologist, Claire Yaxley, while you get that last-minute wrapping done.

    23m | Dec 14, 2023
  • S4 Ep7 | Teaching abroad (Guest: Aasha Chauhan)

    Have you ever considered throwing in the teaching towel and going to work in sunnier climes? That's what this week's guest, Aasha Chauhan, did! She tells Marie and Jodi what's it like to take plunge and teach abroad.

    24m | Nov 30, 2023
  • S4 Ep6 | I learnt to read at secondary school (Guest: Ian Ross)

    What's it like being a student who struggles to read at secondary school? This week's guest, Ian Ross, talks to Marie and Jodi about how phonics changed his life.

    25m | Nov 17, 2023
  • S4 Ep5 | Drama Queens - bringing subjects to life through drama

    How can we use theatre to liven up lessons and improve engagement? This week, Jodi talks to producer Penny about the transformative power of drama in the classroom.

    26m | Nov 1, 2023
  • S4 Ep4 | Improving mental health through the great outdoors (Guest: Joe Doherty, The Outward Bound Trust)

    The transformative power of learning outside the classroom is the topic for our latest episode. Marie and Jodi chat to Joe Doherty, Learning and Adventure Manager at The Outward Bound Trust, about how getting into the Great Outdoors can enhance students' mental health.

    If you'd like to learn more about Outward Bound, visit www.outwardbound.org.uk.

    26m | Oct 18, 2023
  • S4 Ep3 | Myth busting: the truth about home education

    What do you do when school no longer works for your child? This week, Marie and Jodi talk to Amanda, a teacher herself who decided to take her children out of mainstream education.

    And if you'd like some help with home education, have a look at our top tips, here.

    38m | Oct 4, 2023
  • S4 Ep2 | I swapped Lady Gaga for Year Nine English (Guest: Paul Brand)

    Imagine hob-nobbing at The Brits with Lady Gaga and Florence + The Machine, then leaving it all behind to become a teacher. Sounds unlikely? Well, that's what this week's guest did...

    22m | Sep 20, 2023
  • S4 Ep1 | Dyslexia in the classroom

    Welcome back to a new school year! This week, we explore strategies for supporting dyslexia in the classroom. But it's not just about the students - what's life like as a dyslexic teacher?

    21m | Sep 8, 2023
  • Season 4 Trailer

    Marie and Jodi have had a lovely summer break... but now they're BACK! Turn on and tune in for more teaching-themed discussion, anecdotes and silliness from next week.

    0m | Aug 29, 2023
  • S3 Ep7 | You are amazing! (Guests: lots of our listeners)

    School’s (nearly) out for summer! As we crawl towards the end of another academic year, join Marie, Jodi, and lots of listeners as they celebrate the highs and lows of teaching and pay tribute to their favourite teachers.

    If you’ve got an idea for an episode, or you’d like to be a guest on the show, tell us all about it by emailing BeyondMailbag@twinkl.co.uk.

    31m | Jul 12, 2023
  • S3 Ep6 | I built a school in Sierra Leone (Guest: Neil Morland, Project 3580)

    A tragic experience at Kissytown Refugee Camp in Sierra Leone in 2010 prompted Geography teacher Neil Morland to start a life-changing project which has transformed the lives of students both in the UK and in Africa.

    If you’d like to get involved with Project 3580, you can find out more and contact Neil on Instagram @project3580.

    TRIGGER WARNING: This podcast contains details of child poverty and death.

    25m | Jun 28, 2023
  • S3 Ep5 | A whole new world! Managing year 7 transition (Guest: Louise Herbert, transition expert)

    It’s a rite of passage we’ve all been through: the move from primary to secondary school. How can we make managing year 7 transition easier for pupils and teachers?

    Marie and Jodi chat to transition expert Louise Herbert about starting at Big School, and how we can help those scared year 7s.

    23m | Jun 14, 2023
  • S3 Ep4 | Top tips for teaching students with invisible illnesses (Guest: Sophie Ainsworth, RAiISE)

    We’ve all had students who’ll try anything to get out of completing work – but what if our perception is wrong, and that student is actually suffering from an invisible illness?

    This episode we chat to Sophie Ainsworth from RAiISE, who shares teaching tips for how to support students with a chronic illness.

    30m | May 31, 2023
  • S3 Ep2 | Digging for The Upside Down: can technology increase engagement with nature? (Guests: Jack Reed and Emily Wormald from Outward Bound)

    We all know the battle teachers can have with phones in schools – but can they be a force for good? What’s the role of mobiles in outdoor education lessons?

    Jack Reed, a PhD candidate, and Emily Wormald from The Outward Bound Trust, discuss how outdoor education lessons can be transformative for students – with and without mobile phones!

    37m | May 19, 2023
  • S3 Ep2 | Myth-busting: What do OFSTED really want? (Guest: Graham Tyrer, former OFSTED Inspector)

    Following the tragic death of Reading Head Teacher Ruth Perry, the spotlight is on OFSTED inspections like never before. Is the pressure on teachers just too much?

    This episode, we talk to former OFSTED Inspector Graham Tyrer, who busts some of the myths surrounding OFSTED inspections.

    If you are feeling overwhelmed at work, please reach out to your union or The Samaritans on 116 123.

    44m | May 3, 2023
  • S3 Ep1 | Are We Teaching Creative Writing All Wrong? (Guest: Verity Croker)

    This week’s guest, Verity Croker, talks us through her creative writing process as an author, describing the ‘plotters’ and ‘pantsers’ and her own methods of not planning…

    Teaching creative writing in the classroom is something that all English teachers have pondered upon in their time as educators. How do I approach it? What would enthuse my students? How do I foster a love for reading? What would help us unearth our next star writers?

    Luckily, our regular hosts, Marie and Jodi, have an author’s brain to pick on the creative writing process. She talks us through her love for writing young adult fiction, her preferences for not planning a story, and her change of heart on reading graphic novels. The conversation brings about some interesting points to consider when teaching young learners about writing and when aiming to impart healthy reading habits.

    Reading, writing and a good cuppa go hand-in-hand so we don’t see why a podcast about it should be any different - get the kettle on and join for this week’s creative journey!


    00:00 - Welcome to this week’s episode, ‘Are We Teaching Creative Writing All Wrong?’

    04:37 - From down under, we welcome our guest, Verity Croker.

    08:57 - To plan or not to plan - the process of creative writing in the classroom. The ‘plotters’ and ‘pantsers’, if you will!

    14:42 – Representation in literature.

    15:42 - Graphic novels as a literary device.

    18:54 - Two stars and a wish - teaching creative writing without planning(!?), reading through diverse mediums, and can we get more free reading time in schools?

    #educationpodcast #IYOTYW

    24m | Apr 19, 2023
  • S2 Ep7 | School ghosts and classroom hauntings (Guest: Emma Dadswell)

    This week we’re becoming ghost hunters and swapping ghost stories set in schools – so you might want to keep the lights on while you listen!

    Marie and Jodi talk to Emma Dadswell, English teacher and ghost hunter, who talks about her favourite ghost stories and shares tips for bringing the supernatural into the classroom.

    23m | Mar 29, 2023
  • S2 Ep6 | Brainwashed by Andrew Tate: combatting misogyny in the classroom (Guest: Neil Morland)

    What effect do toxic social media influencers such as Andrew Tate have on our young men? Beyond’s education podcast welcomes special guest Neil Morland, who offers insight into what teachers can do to fight extremism and radicalisation.

    30m | Mar 16, 2023
  • S2 Ep6 TRAILER | Brainwashed by Andrew Tate: combatting misogyny in the classroom (Guest: Neil Morland)

    Don’t miss next week’s education podcast, where we explore the influence of toxic social media, including the Andrew Tate phenomenon, on boys in schools. Here’s a taste of our chat with expert Neil Morland, about how teachers can combat extremism and radicalisation in the classroom.

    To make sure you catch the podcast, hit like and follow us!

    0m | Mar 10, 2023
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