It Is What It Is

A group of teen friends in highschool with a pair of brothers. Cole, Shaya, Carsen & Blake will talk to you about their life(or what's to come), stories with boys, and general things they don't know about.

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James Punches A Kangaroo In The Face!!!
Show Details45min 52s
Cole's Girlfriend Might Be His Sister!
Show Details42min 27s
He Almost Cried When We Surprised Him!!!
Show Details36min 33s
Logan Got Creampied!!!
Show Details42min 37s
He Turned In A Box For A School Project!!!
Show Details51min 21s
Carsen Trips An Old Lady!!!
Show Details48min 32s
HE PUTS WHAT IN HIS CEREAL!!! | Holiday Special pt.2
Show Details45min 16s
HE PUTS WHAT IN HIS CEREAL!!! | Holiday Special pt.1
Show Details32min 33s
Chris & Katelyn's Near Death Experiences!!!
Show Details42min 9s
We Got Trapped In An Elevator!!!
Show Details38min 5s
He Was Forced to Poop!!!
Show Details44min 7s
I Threw Up 15 Times!!!
Show Details39min 15s
Our School System Did What!!!
Show Details43min 29s
Show Details41min 39s
Body Standards Affected My Friend!!!
Show Details38min 35s
I Got Hacked!!!
Show Details44min 12s
My Car Got Broken Into!!!
Show Details46min 9s
Cutting My Hand Open!!!
Show Details41min 28s
Ruining a Proposal | My Coworker Stole $2500
Show Details43min 7s
I peed on my cousin!
Show Details40min 31s
Screenplay about Governor & Building in the Woods
Show Details41min 33s
Bowling and life in Quarantine
Show Details39min 49s