Behind the Scenes Interview wMatthew Higgins - The Invicta Collective

Season 2 | Episode 1
1h 4m | Oct 29, 2023

Listen to Matthew Higgins of @hobbitholebooks832 (Story Writer) & Jonathan Winstead (Producer/Director/Sound Designer) discuss the origins of our upcoming audio drama series, The Invicta Collective!

Hey, fellow adventurers! We’re working hard on the pilot for a new audio drama series called The Invicta Collective! What if the tale of Gilgamesh is more than just a fantasy? Join Arthur, Mohammed, Lola, Bashir & other colorful characters in The Invicta Collective audio drama series as they uncover an ancient secret in a 1930s adventure! To learn more about our plans, our cast & crew, & to listen to a teaser for the project, subscribe here and follow us on social media @invictumdigital or visit us on our website:

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Invictum Digital Presents The Invicta Collective