• Market Crash, Interest Hikes, Big Techs, $ARKK Trading (TCSS on 24 Apr 2022)

    Thanks to members who joined the TCSS discussion, especially Ms. Billion Achiever, Boonsong, Jeremy and Martin =)

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    0:00 - Anyone got loss porn to share? Mine -25% year-to-date

    7:50 - With MANGA + T (N being Nvidia) at their current state (price, news, development), what's one stock you would buy now?

    12:12 - Netflix explained that part of slowdown is due to pullout of Russia. Worried about other tech companies that pulled out also, especially AAPL and GOOG as they are big percentage in SNP500

    16:45 - Anyone worried about earnings? Because last year earnings are so good, AAPL MSFT GOOG NVDA NFLX EPS +50% to 100%. Slowdown in those numbers destroy them?

    18:10 - Analyst are predicting 1 in 3 chance of recession. People who buy stocks last year has chance of lost years or decade?

    21:45 - Are some stocks in the market cheap now or too expensive before?

    32:00 - Any reason why your allocation to GOOG is quite low compared to say AMZN, AAPL? Thinking its valuation is starting to look quite attractive

    37:29 - Market crash now???

    42:30 - Are ARKK or Cathie Wood doing market timing and what's your view?

    52:49 - With growth stocks taking a hit, so is my leap calls. What should I do?

    1:02:20 - Boon Tee latest trades / portfolio adjustment this year and plans going forward? Still DCAing? What is the current market thesis now till 2023?

    1:16:44 - Seems like everyone around me is holding off on buying any more stocks until at least FOMC is over in May. Market capitulating in the next few weeks?

    1:21:10 - Assuming if black swan happens in the next few months, how long do you think the market will crawl back the ATH in Dec/Jan?

    1:25:12 - Is it realistic to be able to make $6,000 per month doing options as advertised in YouTube videos? Without being too complicated, how is it done?

    1:33:20 - Why people buy government bonds for 2-3%, when inflation is at least 5% isn't that aiming to bao lose?

    1:37:09 - Dow Jones proves to be the most resilient market year to date, time to play safe by moving there now?

    1:38:18 - Views on the Fed's plan from the FOMC?

    1:40:55 - What happen during a margin call?

    1:42:36 - I don't know how to pick stocks, but I know how to pick good investors. My return is 16.5% for the past 10 years by following the best. That's good enough.

    1:43:44 - Want to add stocks but with earnings coming + May rate hikes, feel unsurer if should wait - Know that market timing isn't recommended but can't help feeling this

    1:45:49 - Macro outlook so far looks pessimistic (China housing, governance not having clear rule of law, Ukraine war and proxy wars, should we hoard cash now?

    1:48:34 - What is your opinion on NFLX? Opinions right now is divided about their recent earnings call, and what do you think about their plans?

    1:50:57 - What is your view of ETFs 1) Similarly shouldn't time entry; 2) between S&P500 and world index ETFs - What is your views on pros and cons? And preference?

    1:55:07 - "20% market down don't mean 20% of capital liquidate to cash" - Could you explain in detail? How about market up 20%, is it same?

    2h 3m - Apr 24, 2022
  • Big Tech, Semicon $TSM $NVDA $AMD, Big Pharma (TCSS on 17 Apr 2022)

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    0:00 - Introduction

    1:32 - Top 4 techs growing 15-20% CAGR last 10 years, can they continue those number given the large market cap / saturation and global economy slowing down?

    11:38 - Is China tech still a buy now given the continued zero covid policy? Will they outperform US tech?

    22:34 - How come Munger sell Alibaba?

    25:48 - I don't have time to keep track on individual companies while being busy with my full day job. Any suggestions better than just DCA on broad based ETFs.

    31:54 - Have a bit lost faith in stock picking. Keep underperforming the SNP 500 this year. Even last year also didn't beat, because of China stocks.

    40:03 - Buffett said it is difficult to consistently beat the SNP500 long term. How true is that? Think many beat SNP 500 by holding top 4 techs or even QQQ past 10 years.

    51:49 - What is your net worth currently?

    54:15 - People always say 100k by 30. After hit what's the next financial target?

    58:54 - Any thoughts on semicon (TSMC, NVDA, AMD) that seems to have taken a hit recently?

    1:16:57 - Any guide or cash deployment strategies to share for regular salaried individuals? E.g. How many buys per month or % of income to deploy?

    1:20:55 - What is your take on pharma stocks like Merck, Novartis, Pfizer etc. in the current climate and at least in the next 3-5 years?

    1:34:37 - What is your view on commodity stocks?

    1h 41m - Apr 17, 2022
  • Invest in REITs, Tesla Delivery, Yield Curve Inversion

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    1h 24m - Apr 3, 2022
  • DCA Index Confirm 8% Return? Follow Investment Guru?

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    Time stamp:

    0:00 - DCA index is it confirm 8% in the long run? If it is I think I just DCA

    11:30 - Bull run continues this year? Seems too good to be true

    17:33 - A friend's investment journey

    25:12 - With the departure of CGS from the YouTube scene, what is your take on YouTubers claiming to be trade gurus and then exploiting old and new investors' minds?

    37:06 - Thoughts on a possible recession? Market has been rallying as uncertainty regarding interest rate was removed, but with Ukraine Russia war not getting any better and commodity prices rising, are investors being overly optimistic?

    48:45 - Anyone invested in Adobe? Any insights into the company + bull/bear?

    52:23 - Given that growth stocks and tech have dropped so much, is it of good value to enter now?

    57:47 - What's the best way to get exposure to tech, QQQ?

    59:36 - DCA or lump sum into S&P500?

    1:03:32 - For high growth stocks, the forward guidance can change drastically QoQ, hence the valuations using DCF or forward ratios can jump significantly. Making fundamental projections & analysis seem of little value. The revisions in valuations play catch up to price. Should we just focus on price or technical analysis (TA) instead?

    1:18:32 - Tesla can still buy at this price?

    1:35:42 - Newbie to investing hence still holding mostly cash now, but not sure how to deploy my funds given the market volatility now. Any advice / tips?

    1:36:51 - Would it be efficient to buy VWRA and CSPX? Since there is a bit of an overlap between the two.

    1:41:50 - Any creative ways to get IR to reply your questions?

    1:42:59 - Do you miss CGS?

    1:44:59 - Is it illegal to pretend to be some fictional hedge fund so that IR answer your questions?

    1:47:01 - How are you all calculating intrinsic value for growth stocks?

    1:50:48 - White House will announce on Monday a new proposal to tax unrealised capital gains of households worth $100M or more. What's your thoughts for long term holding?

    1:53:57 - YCX's second level thinking after buy/sell and portfolio allocation.

    1:59:10 - If more people move fiat money into cryptocurrency, and stock price is driven by fiat money, will stock price move/drop in the foreseeable future?

    2h 8m - Mar 27, 2022
  • How to Endure Market Drawdown?


    0:00 - Portfolio Review

    6:50 - What is your percentage gain at the peak?

    15:43 - Do you sell positions in the green or rebalance your portfolio?

    20:03 - Are you holding cash at the moment?

    20:03 - How do you track the your performance return? Time weighted return vs. Money weighted return

    27:46 - Diagram to show why you should not worry on market volatility

    38:11 - When will you decide to cash out?

    43:53 - Is China really uninvestable? Baba and Tencent are getting cheap even on bearish DCF. Many studies think China will overtake US and be the largest economy.

    49:00 - Anyone worried about loss years or even decade? People who has started at investing at the height will not be feeling very good.

    53:39 - Anyone investing in European companies? I think fear of World War III and NATO counter response drove valuation down.

    57:51 - Thoughts on cybersecurity for the long term and CrowdStrike moat.

    58:40 - Latest China's inflation stays at 0.9%. Based on this outlook will China reduce interest rates this month? Follow up: Why can't China print money like US. Development on Chinese yuan liberalization. China Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). 

    1:04:22 - How to calculate FCF for banks? Is it even called that?

    1:11:05 - People always point to China and Russia. Saying that they aren't investible due to its politics? Warren Buffett said they don't invest based on politics. Why?

    1:20:18 - Market keep dropping. Used lots of leverage. Lost the mortgage on my house. What to do? How to recover?

    1:22:04 - What is the most stable assets right now? E.g. value will not fluctuate much.

    1:25:26 - Broad China / Hong Kong tech keep falling. Keep buying but keep falling. Is it still worthwhile to hold on? Comment on why you should not buy based on price action.

    1:28:52 - Many say stagflation coming up. How to prepare for that? Buy gold or crypto? Story on situation in Sri Lanka

    1:38:40 - When will Russia war end? Any insights?

    1:41:44 - Any thoughts on using leverage during this fear market condition? Has market bottomed already?

    1:43:10 - Inflation in USA now staggering 7.9%! What can we do from here?

    1:43:40 - Ways to endure bear market?

    1:44:34 - What are the potential ways banks can be disrupted?

    1:46:17 - How can our stock portfolio profit from Stagflation?

    1:47:30 - Facebook can buy?

    1:48:35 - Any good books recommendation?

    1:49:10 - Rivian's cash holding is about 50% of its market cap but they also just cut their production guidance by 50%. Thoughts?

    1:51:30 - Take out cash from the brokerage account and put in CPF?

    2h 4m - Mar 13, 2022
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