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Introverts Talk Too

Introverts Talk Too is a podcast for anyone who feels that they fall into the introverted category. Kiersten is your host and as a young, introverted individual she speaks from her perspective on going about everyday life. This is also a place to share thoughts, feelings, and ideas about being socially awkward or anxious. But, also finding comfort in that being a part of who you are.


Ep. 8| super social to super socially anxious
Show Details30min 31s
ep. 7| is introversion a bad thing?
Show Details25min 34s
ep. 6| figuring out how to set boundaries
Show Details22min 37s
ep. 5| the chronicles of working retail
Show Details29min 36s
ep. 4| how I learned to enjoy my solitude
Show Details27min 47s
ep. 3| standing up for yourself
Show Details32min
ep. 2| what they don't tell you about college...
Show Details27min 16s
ep. 1| my awkward realization
Show Details27min 53s
Show Details3min 18s