How You Can Retire Early as a Millionaire

Season 1 | Episode 3
20m | Sep 16, 2022

Hey friends! Happy Friday :-)

I’m here with an episode I think is packed full of super cool information. I start off with running through some big world events such as the Queen’s recent death, the railroad strike in America that almost brought the supply chain to a screeching halt, and my big win in week 1 of Fantasy.

The bulk of this episode is me telling you the simple formula I will be following in order to retire early, as a millionaire, through investing in low cost index funds. A strategy I try to detail as simply as possible in the hopes its easy to understand and implement for yourself! I highly recommend giving this episode a listen if you want to take control of your future and your finances and ensure you can retire as soon as possible, with enough money to live the life you want.

I truly hope this episode plants a seed that will lead to you starting to invest for your future or at least prompt you to begin thinking about how important it is!

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Enjoy the episode ❀

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