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Intertestamental History

This is a summary of the history of Israel between the historical accounts of the First and the Second Testaments. This is roughly a 400-year time period between the ministry of Malachi (420 BC) and ministries of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ (30’s AD). Understanding this time period is crucial for understanding the Jewish culture that Jesus ministered in compared to the culture of Israel at the end of the First Testament.


12 The World of Jesus
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11 Pontius Pilate and the Sanhedrin
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10 The Zealots
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09 The Roman Prefects
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08 The Herodians
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07 The Roman Empire
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06 The Jewish Hasmonean
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05 The Pharisees, Sadducees, and Essenes
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04 Antiochus IV and the Maccabean Revolt
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03 The Greek Diadochi and Hellenism
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02 The Greek Empire
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01 The Persian Empire
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