• Rick Shin: Clearing Landmines with the Shin Cutter
    Rick is responsible for creating technology that has made clearing land mines safer and faster. Rick teaches us that in problems lies opportunity and that we can all change the world if we put our minds to it!
    S1E3 - 2h 14m - Feb 17, 2021
  • Philippé Torres - Perhaps the Last Person to Travel Every Country on Earth
    Philippé Torres has managed to travel to every country in the world, 194 countries! He is a also a firm believer in kindness and helping others, having hosted over 500 travellers (in his own home) from the website Couch Surfing. He restores our faith in humanity, as he demonstrates that there are kind and trustworthy people all over the world, willing to help a stranger out. This podcast is refreshing as Philippé is a man of action, doing what many of us dream about while simultaneously showing us how it's possible to do the same.

    The episode picture is of Philipé at a Mosque while couchsurfing in Afghanistan. Follow Phillip @philippé_torres; @globaldegree, Photo credit (Unknown Afghan boy).
    Follow mark and the podcast @mark_hill_85 or @interesting_people_everywhere on instagram.
    S1E2 - 1h 14m - May 24, 2020
  • Carl Ganley - The Life of a Professional Gymnast
    Carl Ganley is a professional gymnast and acrobat having represented England internationally in competitive gymnastics, and also working professionally on many large stage productions. He has led an interesting life, having trained and competed in eastern Europe and Russia and internationally. On the podcast Carl offers us some insight into the more unknown aspects of the art form. Episode 1 of Interesting people everywhere.

    S1E1 - 56m - Feb 9, 2020
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