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Instant Présent Podcast

A series of discussions regarding important issues, programs and initiatives related to the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec in general. The co-hosts, Joseph Nguyen and Charles Eladas, are postgrad students that invite some of the most interesting personalities in the city to have positive discussions about subjects that matter for our community in the here and now.  


#7 - Junior Luke : Defensive Tackle pour les Allouettes
Show Details1hr 45min
#6 - Miska Huynh : K-pop montréalais #East2West
Show Details1hr 9min
#5 - Margot Prineau : Intermezzo, les services de matchmaking
Show Details41min 23s
#4 - Hugo Isabelle, De passion à entrepreneur vidéo
Show Details1hr 1min
#3 - Michael Khieu, How to get famous on social media
Show Details1hr 32min
#2 - Max Stanley-Bazin, Ligue des Noirs du Québec (BLM)
Show Details1hr 9min
# 1 - Yves Cournoyer, le programme PAIR
Show Details1hr 15min