Instagram Followers

In August 2015, 400 million users worldwide used Instagram once, around 80 million photos are published daily. This makes Instagram one of the most popular applications - in terms of user numbers, it has recently even topped Twitter. Last year Instagram started in Germany with sponsored posts and is therefore becoming increasingly important for the job description of the online marketing manager. However, in order to be able to use Instagram effectively for marketing purposes, there are a few basic tricks that we have summarized for you.

Use creative tools

Instagram is a highly visual medium - so get creative! Take advantage of the myriad of filters, special effects, and editing options that Instagram has to offer. Make sure that your content is as exciting as possible, but visually recognizable. For example, you can use the same filters, perspectives or colors that celebrities use in their videos. For this purpose checkout what Insta celebs do, download their videos using the Instagram video download tool. And above all: play with the square format. Since Instagram said goodbye to the given square, there are no limits to the format!

Mix photos and videos

The currently most popular tactic with regard to marketing via Instagram is to sprinkle a few videos between the standardized photos. It has been proven that moving image content can generate up to three times more inbound links than static content. This is where the magic word of storytelling comes into play, which is much easier with short videos than with individual images. Thanks to the editing options on Instagram, creating videos is no longer rocket science. It is even possible to pause a recording and continue it with another scene, as shown here simply and creatively using the example of McDonalds.