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Inspiring Women Stories by Women in Business

Inspiring Women Stories Podcast by Women in Business Club, with your host, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and speaker Raimonda Jankunaite. In these series, we interview our Community Members, Women from all around the world who run own businesses. Through these podcast interviews, you will get to hear about personal stories of entrepreneurs, their journeys, lessons, obstacles, and journeys. Every episode will have valuable lessons and entrepreneurial advice to start own business and / or transition in your career, personal growth, and business. If you enjoyed this podcast, comment or share!


The transition from Corporate to Meaningful Business
Show Details28min 32s
Elevate Your Brand Story featuring Peggy McSweeney
Show Details19min 24s
My Journey to More Mindful Life with Angelic Ingram
Show Details25min 9s
Emotional Intelligence & how it plays a part in Success in Business
Show Details30min 37s
Magic lives outside of your comfort zone with Johanne Holman
Show Details34min 57s
How I started my online coaching business - Abbie Jane
Show Details16min 34s
Everyone has a story - Danni Blechner
Show Details32min 1s
Beyond disability - story of deaf mama of 4 boys, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker
Show Details19min 10s
Is this it in life? with Danielle McCurdy
Show Details16min 14s
Freedom Lifestyle as Virtual Assistant featuring Myrhona
Show Details19min 32s
360 Degrees from Full-Time Career to Entrepreneurship and Back
Show Details25min 12s
Body, Mind and Business featuring Naomi Buff
Show Details19min 17s
Turning it around in Business featuring Natasha Orumbie
Show Details40min 13s
Finding your niche and confidence in business with Claire Lockey
Show Details30min 13s
How to find a business within your area of genius featuring Cate Butler Ross
Show Details22min 16s
Let's Make Social Media Simple - Susan McLaughlin
Show Details21min 44s