Inspirational Living: Life Lessons for Success & Happiness

Need a free online life coach? Look no further than the most motivational self-help authors of the past. Inspiring readings from James Allen, Napoleon Hill, Hellen Keller, Booker T. Washington, Khalil Gibran, Marcus Aurelius, and more.


The Mindset to Win Life's Battles | Motivation Podcasts
Show Details11min 40s
How to Overcome Your Fears | Self-Help Podcasts
Show Details12min 36s
The Key to Health, Happiness & Prosperity
Show Details14min 34s
Inspirational Thoughts for Every-Day Life
Show Details12min 50s
Living a Joyful & Productive Life | Happiness Podcasts
Show Details13min 5s
The Quality that Makes or Breaks You | Success Podcasts
Show Details11min 56s
Turning a Mediocre Present into a Greater Future
Show Details10min 35s
How to Get the Best From Your Life | Self-Improvement
Show Details12min 23s
The Gift of Imagination | Living a Creative Life
Show Details14min 18s
Become an Artist in Your Work | Inspirational Living
Show Details13min 1s
Climbing the Ladder of Purpose & Success
Show Details12min
Overcoming Sorrow to Live Happy Again
Show Details11min 30s
True Optimism for a Happy Life | Happiness Podcasts
Show Details13min 58s
The Fine Art of Living at Your Best
Show Details13min 58s
How to Hold on to Happiness
Show Details11min 19s
Sleep Meditation w/ Positive Affirmations & Ocean Sounds
Show Details25min
The Crown of Individuality | Living Your Potential
Show Details12min 46s
What is Spirituality? | Our Sunday Talks (Sample Episode)
Show Details5min 20s
Making Room for Happiness in Your Life
Show Details14min 31s
The Most Valuable Secret of Life
Show Details12min 17s
Mastering Your Moods | The Art of Arts
Show Details10min 59s
The Rules of Success | Success Psychology
Show Details12min 16s
The Unlimited Business of Living | More Energy
Show Details13min 15s
Building the Habits to Set You Free | Motivational
Show Details13min 7s
Building a Personality that Attracts Others
Show Details13min 6s
Finding the Energy to Accomplish Anything
Show Details13min 11s
The Power of Purpose | Orsion Swett Marden
Show Details11min 8s
How to Keep Happy | Happiness Podcasts
Show Details12min 28s
Gain Mastery of Your Fate | Christian D. Larson
Show Details13min 1s
Bringing Out the Best Within You
Show Details14min 50s
The Remarkable Power of the Mind
Show Details12min 55s
How the Mind Works | Law of Attraction
Show Details13min 22s
Finding Your Place in Life | Personal Development
Show Details12min 16s
The Greatest Power Within You | Self-Help Podcasts
Show Details12min 41s
Training Your Mind for Complete Success
Show Details13min 42s
Planning for Success in Business & Life
Show Details11min 13s
Making the World a Better & Brighter Place
Show Details11min 1s
Overcoming Your Doubts and Fears | Motivational Podcasts
Show Details14min 22s
Self-Improvement | Making the Most of Your Life
Show Details14min 49s
The Science of Being Great | Wallace D. Wattles
Show Details13min 39s
Living Up to Every Day's Possibilities
Show Details14min 55s
The Nature & Power of the Mind | James Allen
Show Details12min 46s
Finding Wisdom & Joy in Meditation | Happiness Podcasts
Show Details15min 28s
Personal Salesmanship for a Life More Abundant
Show Details12min 47s
Dare to Think Big | Planning for Greater Things
Show Details14min 51s
Motivation for Conquering Defeat to Win Success
Show Details13min 49s
Building the Character to Win Life's Battles
Show Details11min 19s
The Optimistic Mind | Positive Thinking Podcasts
Show Details14min 36s
Counting Our Blessings | Happy New Year
Show Details14min 59s
Mastering the Art of Life | Motivational Podcasts
Show Details14min 54s
The Lord's Prayer for Daily Life | Free Book
Show Details9min 12s
Rising to the Summit of Life | Motivational Podcasts
Show Details12min 52s
How to Be a Continuous Success in Life
Show Details13min 10s
How Mistakes Lead to Greater Wisdom & Living
Show Details13min 38s
Thoughtfulness & Living a Life of Love
Show Details13min 36s
Values for Climbing the Hill of Life | Motivationals
Show Details14min 30s
The Courage & Patience to Achieve Success
Show Details15min 49s
The Power of the Spoken Word | Public Speaking
Show Details13min 21s
How to Manufacture the Key to Success
Show Details14min 36s
How to Make Your Life Marvelous
Show Details14min 3s
Answering the Riddle of Life | Personal Power
Show Details13min 1s
The Heroism of Daily Life | Inspirational Life Lessons
Show Details14min 7s
Overcoming Hurry, Worry, and Irritability | Motivation
Show Details14min 37s
Inspiring Thoughts for Self-Development & Self-Growth
Show Details14min 51s
Becoming Rich in Knowledge & Wisdom | Education
Show Details13min 34s
The Grand Secrets of Success | Self-Reliance
Show Details11min 36s
Success Habits & The Character That Triumphs
Show Details12min 23s
Inspirational Life Lessons on Happiness
Show Details12min 45s
Vitality: Building a Healthy, Energetic Personality
Show Details15min 46s
Success Mindset: A Sense of Humor & Laughter
Show Details13min 9s
Mental & Physical Fitness for Success in Life
Show Details15min 13s
Making the Most of Yourself | Mind Power
Show Details15min 32s
Making the Most Out of the Day | Motivational
Show Details12min 45s
The Greatness of Little Things | Success Mindset
Show Details10min 52s
The Key that Unlocks the Heart | Life Lessons
Show Details14min 34s
How to Create Good Luck | Success Tips
Show Details14min 30s
Breathing for Vitality & Success | Healthy Living
Show Details16min 9s
Taking Stock of Yourself & Your Future | Motivation
Show Details13min 10s
Fine Tuning the Vibrations of Your Life | Happiness
Show Details15min 13s
Developing a Grander Vision of Life | Inspirational
Show Details12min 16s
Taking Control of Your Life & Destiny | Motivation
Show Details13min 27s
Believe in Yourself | Self-Confidence & Enthusiasm
Show Details15min 8s
Inspirational Thoughts on Happiness
Show Details12min 21s
Using Wealth to Bring Out the Best Within You
Show Details15min 34s
Growing Better from Good Criticism | Self-Growth
Show Details16min 24s
Reducing the Friction of Life | Healthy Mindset
Show Details15min 14s
Motivation for the Enthusiastic Life | Personal Growth
Show Details14min 27s
The Sun Dial's Motto | Positive Thinking Podcasts
Show Details13min 16s
Overcoming the Poverty Mindset | Law of Abundance
Show Details14min 22s
Learning How to See Our Beautiful World
Show Details12min 18s
Overcoming a Fear of Failure | Success Talks
Show Details12min 41s
Becoming a Great Soul | Inspirational Life Lessons
Show Details14min 26s
Being the Victor & Not the Victim of Circumstance
Show Details14min 45s
Motivation for Making the World a Better Place
Show Details11min 1s
The Royal Road to Happiness | William George Jordan
Show Details16min 11s
Optimism & The Keys to Happiness | Self-Help Podcasts
Show Details14min
Climbing the Ladder of Success | Inspirational Podcasts
Show Details12min 58s
Motivation for Patience & Perservance | Self-Development
Show Details14min 11s
Motivation for Personal Power | Keith J. Thomas
Show Details16min
Success, Education, and The School of Life
Show Details15min 14s
Taking Control of Your Mind & Body | Health Podcasts
Show Details14min 31s
How to Overcome Fear | Courageous Living
Show Details15min 15s
The 3 Great Pillars of Success and Happiness
Show Details14min 30s
Cheerfulness & The Wheel of Life | Uplifting Podcasts
Show Details15min 7s
We are the Master of Ourselves and Our Fate
Show Details14min 8s
Developing a Great and Powerful Personality
Show Details14min 14s
The Wealth & Greatness Within You | Uplifting Podcasts
Show Details13min 27s
Courage, Self-Mastery & Rising Above Our Failures
Show Details15min 55s
Finding Yourself | Living Up to Your Potential
Show Details13min 59s
Getting a Right Start Each and Every Day | Motivational
Show Details16min 48s
How to Strengthen Your Will Power | Motivation
Show Details15min 37s
The Meaning of Money & How to Use It for Success
Show Details14min 28s
Couch to 5K Motivation for Running C25K | Runners High
Show Details10min 31s
Personal Character: The Crown & Glory of Life
Show Details14min 24s
Courage, Persistence & The Energetic Life | Motivation
Show Details14min 41s
Gaining Freedom from Worry, Fear & Hatred
Show Details13min 58s
Vitality & The Conduct of Life - Success Assured
Show Details14min 21s
What You Ask for You Will Get | Inspiring Talks
Show Details12min 43s
The Importance of a Youthful Spirit | Non-Conformists
Show Details14min 14s
The Happy Life: Love, Hope & Friendship
Show Details14min 3s
The True Sources of Genuiness Happiness & Joy
Show Details13min 42s
Self-Control: Letting Go of Anger, Hatred & Irritability
Show Details13min 54s
Self-Improvement Tools: Tolerance & Acceptance
Show Details15min 42s
The Meaning of Education | Booker T. Washington
Show Details11min 25s
The Eternal Soul | Life After Death | Spirituality
Show Details14min 16s
Self-Growth by Giving & Doing: Self-Development Podcasts
Show Details15min 35s
The Quiet Power of Nature Within You | Literary Podcasts
Show Details13min 56s
Mastering Your Circumstances | Self-Help Podcasts
Show Details13min 33s
The Life of Freedom | Overcoming Self-Consciousness
Show Details14min 57s
Inspiration for a Larger, Richer, More Beautiful Life
Show Details13min 38s
The Faith that Moves Mountains | Spiritual Power
Show Details13min 54s
Developing Vision & Perspective | Happiness Podcasts
Show Details14min 57s
Secrets to the Pursuit of Happiness | Life Lessons
Show Details13min 11s
The Power of Being Bold & Decisive | Motivation
Show Details15min 5s
The Art of Conversation | Inspirational Podcast Tips
Show Details15min 50s
Success is Seldom Accidental | Opportunities & Challenges
Show Details13min 15s
What is Success? | Self-Improvement Podcasts
Show Details13min 31s
How to Face Life & Not Grow Old | Inspirational Aging
Show Details12min 59s
Building Health, Energy & Personality | Charles Atlas
Show Details13min 25s
Living a Life of Sunshine & Success | Motivation Podcast
Show Details13min 42s
The Million Dollar Lecture Pt. 3 | Habits & Incentives
Show Details11min 44s
The Million Dollar Lecture Pt. 2 | Free MIT Lectures
Show Details13min 34s
The Million Dollar Lecture Pt. 1 | MIT Lectures Online
Show Details11min 25s
Doing What You Want to Do | Motivational Podcasts
Show Details12min 4s
From Poverty to Plenty | Inspirational Podcasts
Show Details15min 25s
Motivation to Go Above & Beyond Expectations
Show Details13min 21s
Successful Habits for Career Advancement | Podcast
Show Details13min 5s
Seizing Opportunities | Master of Your Fate
Show Details16min 17s
Success Habits of Time, Money & Personal Power
Show Details14min 39s
The First Step Toward True Success in Life
Show Details15min 53s
How Your Thoughts Create Your Life | Motivationals
Show Details14min 11s
Success Talks: The Importance of Achieving Perfect Poise
Show Details13min 25s
The Power of Concentration, Visualization & Enthusiasm
Show Details17min 8s
Motivation to Live New Year 2020 with a Great Purpose
Show Details16min 39s
The Greatest Christmas Gift | Friendship & Gratitude
Show Details7min 30s
The Best Way to Use Your Desire & Ambition
Show Details12min 48s
Motivation for Building Self-Confidence & Positivity
Show Details16min 53s
The Power of Your Mind Over Your Destiny
Show Details14min 31s
How to Live a Larger Measure of Life | Inspirational
Show Details15min 49s
The Power of the Spoken Word | Joy & Sadness
Show Details13min 59s
How to Become Strong in Spirit | Freedom & Individuality
Show Details15min 33s
Creating a Success Mindset | I AM Success
Show Details16min 59s
The Simple & Timeless Truth About Life
Show Details16min 19s
Inspirational Life Lessons | Dr. Frank Crane
Show Details13min 57s
How to Find Success & Happiness in Your Life
Show Details15min 39s
The Importance of Self-Education | Forbes Magazine
Show Details14min 16s
How Thought & Action Will Drive Your Success
Show Details14min 42s
How to Make a Life Worth Living | Motivational
Show Details12min 2s
How to Grow Rich in Wisdom, Love & Happiness
Show Details16min 6s
Be Pleasant & Live for a Great Goal | Inspirational Advice
Show Details14min 59s
Learn to Say No & The Secret of Aging Well
Show Details12min 57s
The Importance of Perseverance & Punctuality
Show Details14min 37s
Living the Golden Rule | The Way of Love & Forgiveness
Show Details16min 18s
Developing a Strong Personality & Perfect Poise
Show Details13min 38s
Being Healthy & Anxiety Free | Happiness Podcast
Show Details15min 59s
The Art of Self-Reliance, Self-Control & Self-Respect
Show Details15min 45s
Working Together for True Happiness & Success
Show Details15min 25s
The Power of Individuality, Originality & Character
Show Details14min 3s
How to Live Right & Get the Most Out of Life
Show Details15min 20s
Unlocking the Secret of Happiness Within You
Show Details16min
Seize the Day with a New Outlook on Life | Motivational
Show Details14min 27s
Finding Your Place in the World | Spiritual Inspiration
Show Details15min 29s
The Greatest Power for Self-Development & Success
Show Details15min 51s
How to Live the Perfect Day | Elizabeth Towne
Show Details14min 13s
How to Develop the Power of Memory | Success Skills
Show Details16min 17s
Inspiration for Opening the Door to a Larger Life
Show Details17min
Motivation for Making Your Life Great | Daily Heroism
Show Details16min 42s
Inspiration for Self-Control & Building a Healthy Mindset
Show Details16min 18s
The Art of Speaking Eloquently | How to Speak Well
Show Details12min 19s
Positive Thinking for Success | Overcoming Negativity
Show Details16min 32s
Ambition, Success & The Inner Voice of Wisdom
Show Details16min 39s
Motivation for Living Each Day to the Fullest
Show Details14min 2s
A Way of Life | A Success Philosophy for Daily Living
Show Details16min 25s
How to Get What You Want | Making Dreams Come True
Show Details16min 4s
Wake Up! How to Get the Morning & Day Started Right
Show Details15min 5s
Beauty, Truth & The Upanishads | Rabindranath Tagore
Show Details14min 51s
Fight Fatigue: How to Work with More Energy & Focus
Show Details15min 5s
Nikola Tesla Wisdom | My Inventions | Autobiography
Show Details15min 53s
The Dalai Lama on Life, Religion & Education | Inspiration
Show Details14min 27s
Albert Einstein: Thoughts on Science, Religion & Life
Show Details12min 59s
Concentration and Meditation | Swami Paramananda
Show Details17min 4s
C.S. Lewis: Quotes & Wisdom | Inspiration
Show Details13min 15s
Getting Out of Our Ruts | How to Live Long & Love It
Show Details18min 28s
How to Break Bad Habits | Character Building
Show Details17min 55s
How to Cultivate Courage | Mastering Fear & Anxiety
Show Details17min 9s
Literary Life Lessons from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Show Details18min 46s
A Brahmin Guide for Living a Noble Life | Brahman Wisdom
Show Details18min 18s
Gautama Buddha | Inspirational Siddhartha Quotes
Show Details13min 37s
Carl Jung on Life, God & Religion | Psychotherapy
Show Details13min 8s
How to Live a Good Life | Lubbock, Seneca, Epictetus
Show Details17min 6s
Wake Up & Live | Mindfulness Exercises | Dorothea Brande
Show Details17min 36s
How to Build Personal Magnetism | Magnetic Charisma
Show Details18min 35s
Sun Tzu: The Art of War | Leadership and Management
Show Details16min 46s
Arthur Schopenhauer: Quotes, Wisdom & Philosophy Talk
Show Details13min 5s
Sowing & Reaping | Booker T. Washington
Show Details15min 9s
Native American Wisdom | The Girl & Boy Scouts of America
Show Details18min 34s
Life is an Adventure: Dare to Live It (Motivational Speeches)
Show Details18min 26s
The Art of Becoming You | The Power to Be Oneself
Show Details17min 39s
Daily Success Habits | Alternative Talks to Ted
Show Details17min 16s
Emotional Intelligence & Interpretive Dance
Show Details16min 5s
Soul Growth & Spiritual Evolution (Theosophy)
Show Details19min 11s
Dare to Laugh & Live | Douglas Fairbanks' Healthy Lifestyle
Show Details16min 57s
Ben Franklin's Wisdom (Poor Richard's Almanack)
Show Details15min 18s
How Success is Won by Bernarr Macfadden
Show Details18min 1s
Confucius Wisdom | The Best Quotes & Sayings
Show Details14min 22s
Yoga & The Science of Breath (Pranayama Yogic Breathing)
Show Details20min 24s
The Self-Made Man & Woman - Frederick Douglass
Show Details18min 36s
The Positive Psychology of Success (Being Successful)
Show Details16min 56s
A Guide to Health & Life | Naturopathy | Mahatma Gandhi
Show Details16min 43s
Autosuggestion & Self-Mastery (Emile Coué)
Show Details16min 32s
Ralph Waldo Emerson - Self-Reliance
Show Details15min 51s
The Majesty of Calmness - William George Jordan
Show Details16min 5s
Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu (Laozi) - Taoist Wisdom
Show Details19min 7s
Is There Life After Death? | Swami Abhedananda
Show Details19min 17s
Inspirational Quotes | The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Show Details18min 11s
How to Be Self-Confident | Overcoming the Confidence Gap
Show Details18min 59s
How to Be Successful & Influence Others to Succeed
Show Details18min 20s
Mental & Physical Fitness: Get Fit, Motivated & Inspired
Show Details18min 8s
The Art of Being a Gentleman & Lady (Style & Charm)
Show Details16min 47s
Inspirational Life Lessons For Adults (Young & Old)
Show Details17min 55s
Simple Life Habits & The Book of Joy
Show Details18min 14s
How to Meditate & Visualize (Entering the Silence)
Show Details16min 1s
Modern Manners & The Power of Courtesy (Etiquette)
Show Details15min 23s
Karma Yoga & The Goal of Life | Swami Vivekananda
Show Details17min 43s
How to Sleep Well - Getting a Good Night's Sleep
Show Details18min 12s
Do Your Best & Love Much (The Power of Love)
Show Details17min 21s
The Healthy Benefits of Aging | Aging Well with Grace
Show Details17min 33s
Awaken the Sleeping Giant | The Power Within
Show Details17min 6s
The Bright Side of Life | Guide for a Rational Optimist
Show Details14min 18s
How to Become a Well Rounded Person (Optimal Living)
Show Details15min 42s
What is Your Ambition? (Finding Your Life's Purpose)
Show Details15min 53s
Creating Harmony and Success - Healthy Living
Show Details16min 40s
How to Improve Your Personality | Me Plus You
Show Details16min 12s
The Science of Eternal Life | Nature's Immortality
Show Details17min 20s
Discipline Your Mind with The Power of Self-Discipline
Show Details17min 26s
The Keys to Success & Motivation | B.C. Forbe's Manifesto
Show Details10min 27s
The Optimist's Guide to Living the Philosophy of Optimism
Show Details17min
The Secret Power of Imagination - Personal Transformation
Show Details17min 50s
The Man in the Arena - Theodore Roosevelt (Motivational Speeches)
Show Details17min 46s
The Way of Wonder - Classic Self-Help Inspiration
Show Details16min 54s
How to Stop Worrying | Start Living Anxiety Free
Show Details18min 57s
Persuasion, Influence & Reason (Science of the Mind)
Show Details20min 43s
Living a Magical Life: Creative Motivation for Inspired People
Show Details16min 58s
How to See, Hear & Remember | William Walker Atkinson
Show Details17min 4s
The Law of Compensation & Karma - Daily Wisdom
Show Details18min 8s
The Power of Spoken Words | Positive Psychology
Show Details17min 59s
Overcoming Adversity with Optimism | Hellen Keller
Show Details16min 10s
The Joy of Selfless Love (Inspirational & Spiritual Living)
Show Details17min 32s
The Art of Happiness & Change (Getting Past Your Past)
Show Details16min 50s
The Magic of Possibilities | Thinking Big For Success
Show Details16min 27s
Using the Law of Attraction - Money, Love & Success
Show Details17min 6s
Spiritual Growth & The Limits of Friendship
Show Details16min 50s
The Secret of Authentic Happiness | Joyful Life Project
Show Details16min 48s
Living a Joyful Life Now: Motivation for Feeling Good
Show Details16min 23s
Educational Psychology: Love & Marriage (Tips & Advice)
Show Details16min 58s
The Power of the Eternal Now | Christian D. Larson
Show Details13min 58s
How to Sell Yourself | Success and Entrepreneurship
Show Details19min 1s
The Arc of the Moral Universe - Morality & Justice
Show Details15min 14s
Sustainable Success | Living on the Edge of Joy
Show Details14min 26s
How to Develop a Powerful Concentration (Mindfulness)
Show Details17min 12s
How to Overcome Self-Pity & Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
Show Details14min 18s
What Do You Live For? - Law of Attraction
Show Details15min 3s
How to Think & Grow Rich Without Money
Show Details15min 26s
The Duality & Rhythm of Life - The Kybalion
Show Details16min 2s
How to Change Your Life Around - Neville Goddard
Show Details16min 23s
The Power of Spiritual Meditation - The Way of Peace
Show Details17min 28s
Cheerfulness: The Benefits of Smiling & Laughing
Show Details11min 13s
How to Be Calm, Cool & Collected | Retrain the Brain
Show Details14min 3s
Kahlil Gibran on Love & Marriage (Soul Mates)
Show Details9min 55s
How to Build Better Life Habits | Getting Unstuck
Show Details16min 52s
How to Succeed in Anything - Napoleon Hill
Show Details18min 8s
The Power of Words - A Philosophy of Living
Show Details12min 47s
The Book of Tea | Zen & The Art of Tea Drinking
Show Details15min
How to Sleep Better, Peacefully & Fast
Show Details16min 24s
How to Transform Your Life & Thinking | Neville Goddard
Show Details15min 58s
What the World Needs From You - Motivation for Life
Show Details18min 2s
The Majesty of Calmness | William George Jordan
Show Details16min 19s
How Thoughts Shape Your Destiny | James Allen
Show Details17min 19s
You Can Heal Your Body, Life & Heart
Show Details17min 10s
The Art of Being Alive - Seize the Day (Carpe Diem)
Show Details15min 13s
Daring Greatly: Finding the Courage to Lead
Show Details17min 48s
Living the Immortal Life | Theodore Parker | Unitarian
Show Details17min 3s
How to Love & Live True to Yourself | Self-Reliance
Show Details15min 43s