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Inhuman eXperience Podcast

The Inhuman eXperience is a weekly not-so-typical paranormal nerd-cast hosted by two guys named Bobby. Come along as they stumble their way through the strange and unusual. Follow us on Twitter: @iexp_podcast


[Bonus] Inhuman Hysteria - Mad Blurry Hysteria without the Mad Blurry
Show Details19min 5s
[Bonus] Old Guy Metal Cast - Ep 5. A Very Nu Metal Christmas
Show Details1hr 22min
The InHuman Connection Ep. 2 | BONUS
Show Details1hr 10min
73. eXhibit #59 Podcast Swingers | IeXp Season Finale
Show Details1hr 16min
73. Old Guy Metal Cast | Ep. 3
Show Details1hr 31min
72. 3 From The Void
Show Details15min 31s
71. Old Guy Metal Cast [OGMC] | Ep. 2
Show Details51min 5s
70. eXhibit #58 How To Secure Patents and Influence Ghosts
Show Details55min 35s
69. eXhibit #57 Ascending The Deletion | With Alex Austin from RGOP
Show Details56min 2s
68. Samhain of DOOM | Halloween Bonus
Show Details1hr 15min
67. eXhibit #56 Schrödinger's Demon AKA Dybbuk In A Box
Show Details52min 15s
66. eXhibit #55 Garden of Ea-den Crossover with Garden Of Doom
Show Details1hr 15min
65. [OGMC] Old Guy Metal Cast | Ep. 1 Death Is Just The Beginning
Show Details49min
64. [Bonus] So eXtra
Show Details29min 41s
63. [Bonus] What eXactly Is Happening Here?
Show Details14min 50s
62. eXhibit #54 Mr. Tilty's Wild Ride
Show Details1hr 3min
61. eXhibit #53 Close Encounters of Three Kinds
Show Details1hr 2min
60. eXhibit #52 Are You There G.O.D? It's Me, Bobby
Show Details59min 7s
59. eXhibit #51 Chasing Enki
Show Details1hr
58. Beyond The eXtra
Show Details21min 37s
57. eXhibit# 50 Beyond Inhuman: Superpowers Part Dos
Show Details1hr 2min
56. eXhibit #49 Mad Science eXperiment
Show Details54min 46s
56. eXhibit #48 Shoed, Booed and Tattooed
Show Details58min 42s
55. eXhibit #47 Johnny Two Crafts
Show Details1hr 11min
54. eXhibit #46 B.O.B.B.Y III: Post Op
Show Details57min 49s
53. eXhibit #45 | Super Powers
Show Details1hr
52. The End Of The World According To Bladez | An Inhuman eXperience Minisode
Show Details32min 35s
51. eXhibit #44 Simulated Cats Reboot Pt. II: Simulate Harder
Show Details55min 52s
50. (Retro Patreon Special)Blood & Nut | Inhuman eXtra #4 w/ Shaheen [3/30/2020]
Show Details1hr 35min
49. Crisis In The Pokéverse | A ForthHand Crossover with Ronin Geek Official Podcast
Show Details1hr 6min
48. eXhibit #43 Dead Man's Hand
Show Details1hr 5min
47. eXhibit #42 Simulated Cats: The Reboot!
Show Details56min 11s
46. eXhibit #41 The Curious Case of Elisa Lam
Show Details1hr 23min
45. eXhibit #40 IDENTIFIED Flying Objects
Show Details49min 46s
44. eXhibit #39 Simulated Cats Pt. 1
Show Details1hr 1min
43. eXhibit #38 We Who Tell Stories
Show Details1hr 4min
42. eXhibit #37 Inhuman eXperiencers eXperiencing Vol. III: Zel
Show Details58min 19s
41. eXhibit #36 That Old Black Magick w/ E.A. Koetting
Show Details1hr 35min
40. eXhibit #35 It's Like Twilight, But In Space
Show Details48min 42s
39. eXhibit #34 A Day At Conspiracy Cafe
Show Details45min 34s
38. Conspiracy Cafe x Inhuman eXperience SUPERSHOW! #Coronaviruspanic2020
Show Details1hr 27min
37. eXhibit #33 From The Uncanny Valley to the Lower 4th
Show Details1hr 5min
36. eXhibit #32 It's The End Of The World As We Know It...Again
Show Details1hr 6min
35. eXhibit #31 Wuhan! We Got You All In Check
Show Details1hr 2min
34. eXhibit #30 Grab The Colors with Johnny Ramos
Show Details1hr 3min
33. eXhibit #29 Ea Christ Superstar
Show Details1hr 5min
32. eXhibit #28 I AM THE LIZARD KING!
Show Details58min 9s
31. eXhibit #27 Inhuman eXperiencers eXperiencing: Mæster Daniel
Show Details1hr 4min
30. eXhibit #26 Increase The Peace... Bang An Alien
Show Details48min 46s
29. eXhibit #25 Who You Gonna Call?
Show Details1hr 5min
Bonus | Alien Conspiracy Pod x Inhuman eXperience
Show Details43min 32s
28. eXhibit #24 'Twas The Night Before Krampus
Show Details1hr 34min
The In-human Connection | Episode 1
Show Details47min 20s
27. Inhuman eXtra #3
Show Details46min 57s
26. Inhuman eXtra #2
Show Details24min 18s
25. eXhibit #23 Nathan Mondor: The Prequel
Show Details47min 33s
The Outer Rim | Ep. 1
Show Details43min 14s
24. eXhibit #22 Inhuman eXperiencers eXperiencing Vol. I
Show Details1hr 20min
Bobby Anthem's In Search Of My Lost Soul - Ep.10
Show Details15min 11s
23. eXhibit #21 Nathan Mondor and The People That Were Lowered
Show Details1hr 12min
22. eXhibit #20 A Very Inhuman Halloween
Show Details59min 26s
Bobby Anthem's In Search Of My Lost Soul - Ep. 9
Show Details12min 21s
21. eXhibit #19 I Want To (Blank) You Like An Animal
Show Details56min 24s
20. eXhibit #18 Sleeping, With Brooke
Show Details57min 16s
Bobby Anthem's In Search Of My Lost Soul - Ep. 8
Show Details15min 18s
19. (Bonus Episode) Inane Inhuman Ramblings
Show Details1hr 1min
18. eXhibit #17 From The Wastelands with Michael Decon
Show Details1hr 8min
Bobby Anthem's In Search of My Lost Soul - Ep. 7
Show Details21min 51s
Bobby Anthem's In Search of My Lost Soul - Ep 6
Show Details29min 16s
Bobby Anthem's In Search of My Lost Soul- Episode 5
Show Details23min 6s
Bobby Anthem's In Search Of My Lost soul - Episode 4
Show Details17min 54s
Bobby Anthem's In Search Of My Lost Soul - Episode 3
Show Details10min 25s
Bobby Anthem's In Search Of My Lost Soul - Episode 2
Show Details20min 30s
Bobby Anthem's - In Search of My Lost Soul - Episode 1
Show Details16min 8s
17. eXhibit #16 Remembering the Forgotten Ones
Show Details1hr 8min
16. eXhibit #15 The eXperience eXperience
Show Details1hr 12min
15. eXhibit #14 Papa Daves Christmas Visitors aka Vicious Electric Spitting Snakes
Show Details1hr 17min
14. eXhibit #13 Bohemian Grove Rhapsody
Show Details1hr 9min
13. eXhibit #12 Fantastic Beasts
Show Details1hr 7min
12. eXhibit #11 The Inhuman eXperiment with Bobby Ballad and Jack Knivez
Show Details1hr 12min
11. eXhibit #10 Ghost In The Machine
Show Details56min 50s
10. eXhibit #9 Shaheen and His Guardian Spirit
Show Details1hr 10min
09. eXhibit #8 Parasite Lost
Show Details53min 51s
08. eXtra #1 with Klondike Bill
Show Details1hr 46min
07. eXhibit #7 Korn or Hermie Frogs
Show Details47min 50s
06. eXhibit #6 What Dreams May Come
Show Details1hr 7min
05. eXhibit #5 The Devils Graveyard Vol. I
Show Details1hr 12min
04. eXhibit #4 In High Spirits
Show Details1hr 21min
03. eXhibit #3 On Earth As It Is On Nibiru
Show Details1hr 23min
02. eXhibit #2 A Haunting eXperience
Show Details52min 27s
01. eXhibit #1 First Contact
Show Details1hr 1min