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Infertility And Me: Infertility, TTC, Fertility

Real-life uncut stories of infertility that validate, educate, & create a community where no one is left silently suffering. Your host is Monique Farook, an IVF-mom to one, entrepreneur, and women’s health advocate.

Monique chats with guests about reproductive justice, pregnancy loss, miscarriage, male-factor infertility, rare conditions such as MRKH, endometriosis, LGBTQ+ paths to parenthood, single moms by choice, and what happens when fertility friends walk away childless.

Email Monique at to share your Fertility Friend Check-In. FFCI is a segment on the podcast to share an area of your journey that you're struggling with, wins, questions, or comments. Monique will respond & share on FF Check-In episodes.


Fertility Friend Check-Ins: Pregnancy Jealousy & Janky Doctor Update
Show Details21min 54s
Infertility does not make you a failure w/Mallory Mcgary (success)
Show Details24min 34s
Fertility Friend Check-In: egg retrieval win, janky doctor, and anger
Show Details31min 51s
Low AMH: Will this happen for me w/Amanda Monelli (success)
Show Details27min 9s
The Mind F*ck: TTC for a sibling after IVF
Show Details20min 17s
Community Check-In
Show Details10min 51s
I feared being Childless after infertility w/ Lana Manikowski
Show Details32min 38s
Secondary Infertility Hurts Too w/Kyla Saphir
Show Details35min 48s
Recurrent miscarriage, fibroids, & surrogacy: I need this baby for me w/Akitra Johnson-Olatuyi
Show Details26min 48s
Fighting for Reproductive Rights: Being a patient & advocate w/Dr. Tara Bradner (success)
Show Details30min 32s
TTC when you're 35 and over: I'll be happy when...w/Kristin Dillensnyder (success)
Show Details30min 6s
TTC as a single woman & ignoring medical red flags w/Carrie Severson
Show Details28min 14s
Endometriosis & Male Infertility: Is God punishing me w/Dr Anna Locke (success)
Show Details32min 22s
TTC with dual factor infertility w/Stephanie Reyes
Show Details35min 54s
Recurrent pregnancy loss: Where do I fit in? (success) w/Lindsay Blair
Show Details47min 10s
Male Infertility IS a medical issue w/Dr. Cowan-Dr. Bar-Chama
Show Details45min 25s
I hid my fertility treatments: unexplained infertility & limiting beliefs w/Ceire Nevins (success)
Show Details40min 18s
Am I too old for IVF: 10 years TTC and fertility treatments in Barbados w/ Mandy Refvik (success story)
Show Details47min 41s
Infertility will not silence me (rewind) w/Olajumoke Iba: New & Noteworthy
Show Details19min 55s
The colorless womb by Kimberly Gowdy: a multiracial surrogacy story (success)
Show Details32min 2s
Ask The Expert w/Dr. Matrika Johnson
Show Details28min 57s
The baby dream: Learning to live with infertility and loss by Narelle Hudson
Show Details35min 51s
Worth the wait: fibroids, endometriosis, and TTC w/Brittney Jackson
Show Details47min 7s
Still hopeful: 10 years of unexplained infertility w/Jivaya Javali (success)
Show Details34min 16s
TTC over 35: fibroids, loss, unexplained infertility w/Shelley Tokish(success)
Show Details44min 5s
New Year, same infertility bullsh*t
Show Details23min 19s
It’s going to be okay: Recurrent miscarriage and unexplained infertility: Dr. Natasha(success)
Show Details43min 52s
Infertility and shattered self esteem: rebuilding self worth
Show Details25min 10s
Nothing is fucking working; coping with infertility during the Holidays
Show Details34min 25s
Single and trying to conceive; My story is unconventional and that's okay w/Gianna
Show Details32min 44s
Dismantling toxic positivity w/Emily Ginn
Show Details42min 37s
Dear God, why not us; PCOS and Hydrosalpinx w/Krystle Chavez
Show Details50min 12s
Trying to conceive when you are a single woman w/Denise
Show Details38min 6s
Forced breaks when trying to conceive
Show Details42min 39s
Infertility is waiting and more waiting w/Bethany Jewell
Show Details50min 34s
Unexplained infertility stripped away my perfectionist tendencies w/Jessi Shuraleff
Show Details53min 43s
Going through infertility as a newlywed w/Ashley Hardy (success)
Show Details33min 2s
Infertility and pregnancy losses makes you feel broken w/Meaghan Shaffer
Show Details55min 52s
I woke up with no fallopian tubes w/Tiffany Lewis
Show Details41min 18s
Why am I getting pregnant if I can't stay pregnant; recurrent miscarriagew/Aaliyah
Show Details30min 51s
Know your fertility status; egg freezing and fibroids w/Cassandra Conley
Show Details42min 40s
I was diagnosed with infertility during a pandemic w/Nina-Anonymous Infertility Warrior
Show Details35min 45s
Tubal Infertility with Sondra Wyckoff (success)
Show Details44min 27s
Dear infertility, you're expensive as f#ck w/Veronica (success story)
Show Details24min 7s
Living with endometriosis and low egg quality as a Muslim woman w/ Aaiza Frayer
Show Details33min
Infertility is not stronger than me; hashimoto's thyroiditis and endometriosis w/Sarah
Show Details41min 30s
Hydrosalpinx, double fallopian tube removal, and one ovary later. w/Mia Clermont (success story)
Show Details33min 13s
Unexplained infertility and secondary infertility with Barb- Anonymous Infertility Warriors
Show Details28min 49s
Loving myself through MRKH with Stacey Brown
Show Details33min 11s
Shootin The Sh*t with Marilyn Gomez
Show Details49min 39s
Optimizing fertility with a nourishing lifestyle-Caitlin Townsend
Show Details29min 53s
Dear infertility, screw you, but thanks-Jessica Thornton
Show Details50min 8s
The underwear in my shoe: TTC over 35 by Brett Russo
Show Details31min 6s
The Trying Game; Infertility Book By Amy Klein
Show Details33min 40s
The Fertility Kitchen by Charlotte Grand
Show Details27min 26s
The Hormone PUZZLE by Kela Smith; wholistic health for fertility
Show Details47min 47s
Getting candid about unexplained infertility with Rocio
Show Details52min 48s
I am not my pain; healing from shame to be empowered w/ Emily Ginn
Show Details44min 39s
I had to define what motherhood meant to me w/Shara Hutchinson
Show Details1hr 1min
Gift of Parenthood Grants
Show Details18min 14s
I traveled abroad for IVF treatment w/Lucia Lambert
Show Details31min 3s
Healing from miscarriage, stillbirth, and pregnancy loss; advocacy does not end here
Show Details9min 12s
We don't want to just survive infertility, we want to thrive; endometrial cancer and PCOS w/Amber Fischer
Show Details36min 46s
Stillbirth is not a bad word; a young couples journey through loss w/Brittany and Quesse
Show Details59min 20s
Reproductive Justice and healthy living w/Dr. Alisha Liggett
Show Details47min 47s
The Mind Body approach to fertility w/Monika Friedman
Show Details39min 36s
Navigating the emotional barriers of infertility w/Amanda Osowski
Show Details29min 42s
It does get better; addiction and infertility story w/Ellen Elizabeth
Show Details38min 26s
You don't have to share DNA to love a child; an embryo adoption story w/Jenna Bieber
Show Details29min 55s
Regina Townsend-The Broken Brown Egg; its bigger than babies
Show Details1hr
Ruby Ben-There is no quick fix to heal the body and conceive
Show Details36min 25s
Asia Cash-I want to give you this gift too; a bonus-moms infertility story
Show Details1hr 21min
Elyse Ash: Fruitful Fertility, a mentorship service
Show Details34min 15s
Marilyn Gomez-You get to choose; writing your infertility story
Show Details50min 19s
September Burton: Learning to eat intentionally for fertility
Show Details38min 55s
Tinina Q. Cade Foundation supporting families through infertility
Show Details36min 1s
Ashley-I'm still in here; PCOS, fibromyalgia, and lupus survivor
Show Details37min 1s
Josephine Atluri: Watching from the sidelines
Show Details36min 47s
Prequel to Parenthood by Maiclaire Smith
Show Details49min 11s
Eli Weinstein: Truth is; Infertility isn't just a female issue
Show Details26min 1s
Monica Bivas: Infertility is a journey
Show Details32min 29s
Millie Brooks: I needed to suffer through infertility
Show Details34min 12s
Jasmine Katatikarn-Playing the waiting game with infertility
Show Details39min 47s
Author TJ Peyten-I was angry with God
Show Details32min 49s
Ali Prato & Blair Nelson: Worst Club Best Members
Show Details41min 4s
Amanda Chenausky: Its okay to be angry part 2
Show Details28min 38s
Dr. Mary Sawdon-Healthy lifestyle changes to prepare for conception
Show Details24min 7s
Katy Seppi: An unexpected childfree life after infertility
Show Details46min 48s
Natalie Jordon-Conception at advanced maternal age
Show Details22min 46s
Kimberlee Klein-Healing from grief after pregnancy loss
Show Details24min 39s
Olajumoke Iba-Infertility will not silence me
Show Details14min 30s
Joanna Pendergrass-What will life look like with a child
Show Details38min 46s
Pradeeda Narayanaswamy-Why Have I been chosen this Infertility burden to bear.
Show Details31min 42s
Sharika Kellogg-A single woman's journey to motherhood
Show Details38min 3s
PCOS sufferer to creator w/ Lakeisha Entsuah
Show Details20min 54s
Honoring Mothers in loss with Jasmine Mason
Show Details15min 15s
Attorney Chris Jackson: Surrogacy, egg, and sperm donation
Show Details24min 5s
Nikita Burks-Hale-Making sense of infertility when trying to conceive again
Show Details28min 36s
Margaret Rogers (Natalist Director): Supportive products along your ttc journey
Show Details21min 33s
Erica McAfee: Joy after loss
Show Details25min 20s
Infertility Support and Awareness Summit
Show Details5min 30s
Kezia Okafor: Infertility is not taboo
Show Details35min 45s
Dr. Patrick Flynn: Understanding hormones for fertility
Show Details42min 37s
Dr. Trolice: Understanding Infertility
Show Details35min 44s
Mary Wong -TCM-Taking back control during COVID-19
Show Details34min 12s
Dayna Mohan: Thank you Infertility, for making me a fighter.
Show Details31min 58s
Erica Mitchell: Childless but still hopeful
Show Details45min 57s
Leslie Heard-Healing spiritually to prepare for conception
Show Details24min 56s
Blair Nelson: The importance of fertility community
Show Details44min 15s
Rebekah: IVF treatment didn't work for us and that's okay
Show Details27min 16s
The functional approach to fertility w/ Coach Sara
Show Details23min 20s
Finding peace with PCOS w/Aaliyah
Show Details36min 12s
Fertility Preservation in Cancer Patients
Show Details12min 23s
Finding healing in the midst of infertility w/Coach Sam
Show Details38min 40s
Zaakirah Muhammad-Overcoming a lifetime of adversity
Show Details37min
Kendall Bassard-Learning to sit with it
Show Details53min 23s
What Is Missing: An Infertility novel by Michael Frank
Show Details36min 40s
Nelly: Running away from stillbirth
Show Details39min 42s
In Those Genes
Show Details15min 37s
Erin Bulcao-IVF'ing It
Show Details42min 26s
Faith, Race, Fertility w/Dadriaunna
Show Details45min 6s
New RE Who Dis
Show Details22min 49s
Unexplained Lemons to Lemonade: unexplained infertility w/Sandra (success)
Show Details43min 30s
Mid-week Shoutout
Show Details7min 36s
Amy's Infertility Journey
Show Details22min 43s
Infertility Diagnosis
Show Details12min 39s
It's okay to be angry: blocked fallopian tube w/Amanda Chenausky:
Show Details16min 59s
Unprepared for Infertility
Show Details8min 30s
I am 1 in 8 Too
Show Details21min 40s
Infertility And Me Podcast Coming Soon
Show Details27s