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Indigo Hour

Hi, Angel; I'm happy you're here.

Indigo Hour is a space for raw exploration of the human emotions experienced through the lens of a spiritually aware soul. Join me, Aspen, as I share my own journey of spiritual growth, development, and entrepreneurship and explore the path of pursuing your soul's purpose. Here, I transparently discuss the highs and lows of being dedicated to self-growth and shed my personal insights on life through realness and vulnerability. Tune in to learn about waking up your soul, discovering your spiritual gifts, and how the current planets could be impacting your life. We'll cover the topics of Astrology, spiritual awakening, abundance, shadow-work, mindset, manifestation, meditation, signs from the Universe, dreams, and all of the advice I needed to hear along my own path of alignment with my soul's purpose in this little human body of mine.

The name of Indigo Hour came to me from my spirit guides in a meditation I did with my mama. Spiritually, Indigo is a color of wisdom and intuition. It supports creativity, integrity, and inner willpower. It can represent our innermost thoughts and the pursuit of unearthing them from our minds. To me, Indigo symbolizes holding space for yourself and finding the spiritual wisdom from within that has always been there. It is the color of Ajna, the third eye chakra. I hope that this podcast inspires you to have an Indigo Hour each day, a space of deep reflection and pause with the intention to understand yourself a little bit better. If we quiet our minds for just a moment, the wisdom that we reveal to ourselves can invite such beautiful changes.


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