Independent Waters: Kevin Steen vs. El Generico Ladder War ROH Final Battle 2012

Season 2 | Episode 5
34m | Oct 19, 2022

Hey everyone. This is a weird episode of Indy Waters this week. It may be the final episode for a long time and we just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for listening and exploring the Indy Wrestling Scene With Zach and I for all these episodes. We truly appreciate every bit of love from the bottom of our hearts. We're gonna go out with a bang because we're finally taking a look at the match we've been talking about on this pod since the beginning.

Kevin Steen vs. El Generico ROH Final Battle 2012 Ladder War for the ROH Title

Thank you all again for joining us on this ride and always remember one thing. There's a gigantic sea of Independent Wrestling out there, so never stop exploring.

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