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In The Sack with Seth and Sarah

Slip between the sheets with Seth and Sarah and join them in one of their favorite activities - talking about sex, relationships, and everything in between. No holds barred and totally shameless, they’ll answer questions and get wrist deep into the down and dirty of getting down and dirty!


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Hosted by:

Seth Ander and Sarah Davis

Produced by Mauro Serra

Music for the podcast provided by:

Bradley Arl 


#13: Back in Action
Show Details47min 18s
#12. The Low Down on Going Down
Show Details47min 44s
#11. The Ballad of Lonna Wells: A Tale of Sex Worker Discrimination
Show Details43min 49s
#10. Consent: When No Means Yes (Hint - it's never)
Show Details46min 12s
Quickie # 2
Show Details14min 55s
#9 Online Dating: The Evolution of the Internet Romance
Show Details48min 16s
2020: The Year in Sex
Show Details46min 49s
# 8: The Sexuality Spectrum
Show Details47min 30s
Quickie # 1
Show Details18min 58s
#7 Masturbation: There's No Love Like Self-Love
Show Details1hr 19min
#6. Kinks and Fetishes: The Spice of (sex) Life
Show Details1hr 24min
#5. Adult Entertainment Unmasked ft. Vex Voltage
Show Details57min 14s
#4. The Breakup Break Down
Show Details56min 52s
#3. Sex Shop Confidential
Show Details1hr 17min
#2. Sexual Misconceptions
Show Details53min 1s
#1. The First Time
Show Details48min 44s