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Imported Baggage

Imported Baggage is all about what makes us who we are. Parents, school, friends, religion, and culture all are factors when we decide our careers, our life partners, even down to the details of food and clothing. What did we choose for ourselves? What did we learn from our parents? What is from American culture? What is from the culture of our parents’ homeland?

We can’t navigate these questions without love and support. Join a conversation with two people who have been friends for almost 30 years. Nadia Zareen and Cedric Joseph have stood by each other through so many trials and successes because of their friendship and strength.

So come join us as we laugh our way through the myriad of events that made us who we are.


Football: A Family Affair
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Four Wives…I mean, you could
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Khadijah: The First Muslim Was A Woman
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Ignorant Reading
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Wait, God Hates Labradors?
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