Imagine It's Not A Must!

Ever felt pressure to do certain things a specific way.. but never quite understood why it had to be done that way? Well pull up a chair because...US TOO BOO! Follow Cindy Koyier and Suzette Waithaka as they share their own experiences with this and demystify the feeling that certain things are " A MUST" when in fact....they're really not.


The Christmas Episode
Show Details46min 58s
The Battle Of The Sexes
Show Details50min 32s
Body & Skin Goals.... Fact or Fiction?
Show Details31min 54s
The Art Of Ghosting
Show Details34min 4s
Dirty Thirty?... More like Anxiety Thirty!! But why though?
Show Details30min 14s
Who Exactly Are We? - Episode Zero
Show Details4min 36s