Keith Ward: Philosophy and Belief

30m | Jul 24, 2023

Prof Keith Ward, DD, FBA graduated in philosophy from Cardiff University, and in theology from Oxford. He taught philosophy at the Universities of Glasgow, St. Andrews, and King’s College, London. He was Dean of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, then Professor of Moral and Social Theology and subsequently of the History and Philosophy of Religion at King’s, London, and Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford. He is the author of nearly 50 books and most recently his engaging autobiography, Adventures in Belief humorously subtitled How I Discovered the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything (Possibly)


Imaginal Inspirations is hosted by David Lorimer, Programme Director of the Scientific and Medical Network and Chair of the Galileo Commission, an academic movement dedicated to expanding the evidence base of a science of consciousness. Imaginal cells are responsible for the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a butterfly, which is the Greek symbol for the soul. These cells are dormant in the caterpillar but at a critical point of development they create the new form and structure which becomes the butterfly.


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