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Ordinary Dice Dragons Presents: Ikoroth

Ikoroth is an actual play TTRPG podcast. We are playing D&D 5e and the first portion of the campaign is based off of the official adventure found in The Explorers Guide to Wildemount.

A group of ordinary people find themselves turning to a life of adventure. Whatever the reason behind it, the world of Ikoroth offers them plenty of opportunities.

Note: This podcast has generally less editing than other Ordinary Dice Dragons podcasts giving it a much more raw TTRPG feel.


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Podcast link found here. (https://redcircle.com/shows/oddly-specific)


Ikoroth - Session 1 Part 2 - A Cold Funeral
Show Details1hr 34min
Ikoroth - Session 1 Part 1 - Kinda Introductions
Show Details1hr 7min