Back presents The Mind.Body.Soul. Podcast:

  • M = Mind: The long, unspoken-of path to a fight. All the mental aspects that come into play when preparing for a career defining fight. Why do certain fighters perform better than others on a particular night?

  • B = Body: How much do you respect yourself and your opponent? All the physical aspects that come up during a fight camp: diet, grappling, striking, conditioning and recovery.

  • S = Soul: The Final Equation. Is the Mind (M) in tune with the Body (B) in tune with the Soul (S: the true substance of a fighter/ person). M + B + S = Win or Lose. All is revealed on fight night. Who wants it more?


M.B.S. #7A – Winners vs. Losers
Show Details10min 16s
M.B.S. #6B – But Conor (McGregor) Did It Better!
Show Details45min 23s
M.B.S. #6A – A Star Is (probably) Born
Show Details23min 5s
M.B.S. #5 – The Real Life Street Fighter
Show Details35min 54s
M.B.S. #4B – Age Defying Fighters In MMA
Show Details28min 10s
M.B.S. #4A – Conor McGregor vs. The "Notorious" One
Show Details27min 16s
M.B.S. #3B – UFC Boston (Reviewed)
Show Details25min 30s
M.B.S. #3A – The Ultimate Sacrifice
Show Details34min 22s
M.B.S. #2B – UFC Tampa (Reviewed)
Show Details31min 14s
M.B.S. #1B – UFC 243 (Reviewed)
Show Details28min 47s
M.B.S. #1A – UFC 243 (Preview)
Show Details33min 50s
Show Details9min 20s
Show Details14min 5s
Show Details15min 5s