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International Internet Strangers

Damon & Xen have been friends over 20 years, but they've never met. Each week they discuss mixtapes they've made for each other, and cultural differences growing up in the US and UK


17 Prince Memorial 5 Songs Spectacular
Show Details1hr 16min
16 Hometown Vibes
Show Details1hr 3min
15 154 Minutes Disc B part 4
Show Details1hr 10min
14 154 Minutes Disc B pt 3
Show Details1hr 5min
13 154 Minutes Disc B pt 2
Show Details1hr 3min
12 154 Minutes Disc B pt 1
Show Details47min 5s
11 Culture Clash vol. 1
Show Details1hr 6min
10 154 Minutes Disc A pt 3
Show Details1hr 29min
09 154 Minutes Disc A pt 2
Show Details1hr 5min
08 154 Minutes Disc A pt 1
Show Details1hr 14min
07 David Bowie Day Spectacular!
Show Details1hr 38min
06 Halloween on Boxing Day
Show Details2hr
05 Holiday Chatter
Show Details1hr 6min
04 Xen's Random Stuff pt III
Show Details49min 24s
03 Xen's Random Stuff pt II
Show Details56min 19s
02 Newlywed Game pt II
Show Details46min 15s
01 Xen's Random Stuff pt 1
Show Details1hr 43min
Episode 00
Show Details1min 32s