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I'll Hold That L with Pop Malcolm

Pop Malcolm takes each episode to cover or rant about 1 topic. Most episodes are less than 10 minutes. Pop wants to remind you that he will hold any L's that need to be. There's no shame around here, throw those L's, be mad at Pop!


26. 18 Wheelers Are Terrible Drivers
Show Details6min 48s
25. Impressing People Who Don't Know You
Show Details8min 30s
24. Blanket Rules Are Dumb
Show Details7min 16s
23. Special! Let's Talk Music
Show Details25min 18s
22. High School Is Over
Show Details5min 28s
21. Grow Up
Show Details7min 58s
20. Relationship Roles
Show Details3min 38s
19. Mini Fridge Technology
Show Details4min 21s
18. Why Are Movie Sex Scenes Real?
Show Details4min 32s
17. What Is OK If You're Black?
Show Details6min 27s
16. Veggies Aren't Meat
Show Details4min 55s
15. No Honor Among Cheaters
Show Details5min 3s
14. Stupid Questions
Show Details3min 12s
13. Auto Updates
Show Details2min 18s
12. Comedy vs News
Show Details5min 5s
11. Why, banks?
Show Details3min 33s
10. Job Training
Show Details4min 20s
9. Starting Price
Show Details3min 17s
8. Empowered
Show Details4min 59s
7. Being A Hater
Show Details1min 19s
6. Holiday Special
Show Details1min 43s
5. Houston Drivers (with Gone Jones)
Show Details11min 3s
4. Hygiene
Show Details4min 55s
3. Cowboys
Show Details3min 41s
2. Cops Chose That
Show Details6min 33s
1. Censorship
Show Details6min 33s
Intro to IHTL w/ Pop Malcolm
Show Details57s