K9 Spirit Guides Are Here!!! With Heather Leigh Strom

Episode 207
1h 6m | Jan 24, 2024

Hey Idiots!

This week I'm joined by Heather Leigh Strom who let me pick her brain about K9 Spirit Guides! And she has quite the brain to pick as she began being a channel for them a few years ago. If this sounds insane, don't worry: It did to her, too! And that's why she wrote an entire book and continues to write more about it.

This is an episode about our connection to the universe, it just so happens to be coming through in the form of furry friends.

Ready to go deeper after this interview? Get Heather Leigh's new book: K9 Spirit Guides: The Healing Power of Man's Best Friend

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Give this unique interview a listen and then head over to the FACEBOOK GROUP and let me know if you think any of the pets you've had were messengers from a higher consciousness! And what you're doing to raise your vibrations after listening to this!PLUS get insider info on upcoming guests :)

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