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If Yer Not First, Yer Last

Fantasy American football podcast.

Goings on in a full running league.

News and Info from around the league.

Tips, tricks and hints.


Ep 1.17 Its Dynasty Time!!!
Show Details14min 47s
Ep 1.16 Championship Rounds
Show Details31min 51s
Ep 1.15 Playoffs in Full Swing
Show Details20min 37s
Ep 1.14 Week 13 And its Curtains to the Regular Season
Show Details25min 35s
Ep 1.13 Week 12 In the Rearview.
Show Details27min 19s
Ep 1.12 Week 11 and still unclear....
Show Details28min 33s
Ep. 1.11 Week 10 Flashed By
Show Details25min 22s
Ep 1.10 Week 9 Review
Show Details23min 39s
Ep 1.09 Week 8 Gone Bye
Show Details50min 14s
Ep 1.08 Week 7 Beatdowns
Show Details29min 14s
Ep 1.07 Week 6 Done and Dusted!
Show Details27min
Ep 1.06 Week 5 Rundown!
Show Details25min 54s
Ep 1.05 Week 4 is Down, and We Look Back
Show Details1hr 6min
Ep 1.04 A Close Week 3!
Show Details26min 32s
Ep 1.03 Week 2 Is In The Books
Show Details24min 18s
Ep 1.02 Week 1 Breakdown
Show Details23min 25s
Ep 1.01 Draft Recap and Grading
Show Details56min 58s