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Where eminent Venture Philosophers share the ideas, trends, and concepts they're most bullish on. — The credibility layer of the internet


Chase Palmieri — RottenTomatoes for News
Show Details1hr 59min
Connor McCormick — Proof of Precarity | Ideamarket Podcast 19
Show Details2hr 22min
Michael Curzi — Spiritual Infrastructure | Ideamarket Podcast 18
Show Details1hr 40min
Julian Zawistowski — The Future of Decentralized Governance | Ideamarket Podcast 17
Show Details1hr 17min
Matt Pirkowski — Complexity, Crypto and Capitalism | Ideamarket Podcast 16
Show Details2hr
Gregg Henriques — The Psychological Theory of Everything | Ideamarket Podcast 15
Show Details1hr 22min
Jeff Atwood (Stackoverflow co-founder) — Engineering Sanity on the Internet | Ideamarket Podcast 14
Show Details1hr 45min
Cal Aurand — Educating the Heart | Ideamarket Podcast Ep 13
Show Details1hr 54min
"What Should The World Google?" | Wikipedia Market LAUNCH Panel
Show Details58min 34s
Bill Ottman, Co-Founder and CEO of — How Do Minds Change? | Ideamarket Podcast
Show Details1hr 51min
Grant Dever — Community, Cults, and Crypto | Ideamarket Podcast
Show Details2hr 4min
Michael Beck — The Virtue of Dog Coins | Ideamarket Podcast
Show Details1hr 27min
Kevin Owocki — Walking on Weird Ground | Ideamarket podcast
Show Details1hr 4min
Michael Garfield — Conversations with the Future | Ideamarket Podcast
Show Details1hr 49min
Alexandros Marinos — Ivermectin & the Midwit Meme | Ideamarket Podcast
Show Details1hr 50min
Buster Benson — The Art of Productive Disagreement | Ideamarket Podcast Ep 6
Show Details1hr 45min
Christian Kameir — Conversations we're not having
Show Details2hr 5min
VisakanV — Imagination, Simplicity, Golden Ages | Ideamarket Podcast Ep 4
Show Details1hr 41min
Robin Hanson — Boxing with the King of Prediction Markets
Show Details1hr 49min
The Gospel of Martin Shkreli with Justin Murphy
Show Details1hr 36min
Vinay Gupta — Incentive-based epistemology
Show Details1hr 17min