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Internet Computer Report

One of the biggest issues were facing is BigTech’s hold over our daily lives. The Internet becoming is increasingly centralized to Amazon, Facebook, and Google. We’re enjoying the conveniences of these “free” services they offer but at what cost? Censorship Platform Risk etc.

We’re already seeing the effects where businesses like TikTok are being shutdown by governments, comments and opinions censored by facebook and twitter. And for my crypto friends watching, I’m a huge believer of Ethereum but with 60% of nodes running on AWS and google cloud, it’s a bit disturbing that these centralized powers can have such dramatic effects in every part of our lives, even the decentralized ones. In 2009 Cypherpunks responded to the corruption of financial institutions by creating an incorruptible store of value… bitcoin, in 2020 a new breed of cypherpunks have responded to big tech’s monopoly and have created the Internet Computer.

So what is DFINITY and the Internet Computer creating… In short they are re-architecting the cloud as we know it, Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) extends the public Internet so that it can host back end software. So rather then having to spin up servers and deal with cloud services and firewalls etc.. you can simply write your code, deploy it to the Internet and it would be running seamlessly while being powered by Independent Data Centers throughout the world.

Join us in future episodes as we decipher Dfinity


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#16 - Why Blockchain Governance Will Make or Break the Internet Computer
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#15 - DFINITY ICP vs. AWS & the Cloud
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#14 - Community & Twitter Update: Open vs. Closed Source/DFINITY Identities/Chain Key Technology
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#13- Why the Wall Street Bets, Gamestop, Robin Hood fiasco is ULTRA bullish for DFINITY/Web3, & DeFi
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#1 - Introducing Internet Computer Report and Dfinity
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