International Christian Centre For Missions

Welcome to the International Christian Centre For Missions podcast!

Here we are sharing preachings of our overseer, Pastor Solomon A. Folorunsho.

Through his simple and clear messages God is using him to open people's eyes of understanding as deep revelation of the word is coming forth, to bring them spiritual growth and to lead them deeper into discipleship. He teaches believers how to keep their deliverance and healing permanent, how to handle the cares and worries of life, how to win the battle of the mind and much more.

Apart from leading the International Christian Centre For Missions in Benin City / Nigeria, he also has a successful healing- and deliverance ministry worldwide, through which many people have been set free from demonic bondage, incurable sicknesses and other works of the devil.

Visit find out more about our missionary work in Nigeria and all over the world; and contact us if you want to invite Pastor Solomon to minister in your congregation:


„I SAW JESUS“ - Read about how Pastor Solomon had a life-changing encounter with our Lord on his deathbed:


Pt. 4 - In times like these
Show Details41min 30s
Pt. 3 - In times like these
Show Details1hr 1min
Pt. 2 - In times like these
Show Details49min 47s
Pt. 1 - In times like these
Show Details53min 7s
Faith – your key to victory
Show Details33min 2s
I saw Jesus
Show Details12min 35s
Making a difference in your world
Show Details1hr 6min
Faith makes the difference
Show Details1hr 6min
Be who God says you are
Show Details38min
When your faith comes to the limit
Show Details37min 44s
Jesus, our hope in time of need
Show Details25min 17s
Move Your Mountains
Show Details1hr 11min
Activate Your Faith
Show Details54min 13s
The Leadership of the Holy Spirit
Show Details1hr 22min