I Went Down To The River

There is value in high school football that goes beyond wins and losses. Team sports build relationships, work ethic, character development, and teamwork.

Listen in as Dan Walton (Assistant Football Coach at Hawken School, located in Northeast Ohio) interviews fellow Hawken alum about their time within the football program, and how it has impacted their personal and professional lives all these years later.

Each episode contains stories and shared memories that may or may not be from your actual teammates, but the common experiences and lessons shared will resonate with all. As writer Devon Barnhard states, "shared memories simply gives a team a common experience to look back on and share together. There even becomes shared words and language that gets associated with the experience and memory".1 

  1. Barnhard, Devon. “The Benefits of Shared Experiences for Teams.” Cloverleaf, Cloverleaf, 28 Jan. 2019, 


Episode 09- John Wilson '10
Show Details1hr 48min
Episode 08 Part2- John Chrisite '89
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 08 Part1- John Christie '89
Show Details1hr 43min
Episode 07- Jon Gottlieb '06
Show Details1hr 20min
Episode 06 - OJ McDuffie ‘88
Show Details1hr 46min
Episode 05- Darrell Butler ‘96
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 04- Paul Franklin ‘02
Show Details1hr 59min
Episode 03- Greg Pasiadis ‘10
Show Details45min 47s
Episode 02- James Hardiman ‘93
Show Details1hr 27min
Episode 01- Aaron Brandt ‘86
Show Details1hr 25min
Trailer 2.0
Show Details1min 2s
Trailer 1.0
Show Details1min 12s