Admit ; it's not OK.

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7m | Apr 19, 2021
As tough as it may be to admit that we are in toxic relationships, it's one of those situations that anyone in it needs to face.

Here are a few pointers that may help de-mystify the situation.


Someone who has been abused may not realize that there are other, healthier ways of going about your relationships.

##An Attempt to Heal
The logic behind this is that By becoming an abuser, a former victim can try to undo the abuse by taking the opposite position hoping that they can get it right this time.

Feeling of Inadequacy
You may feel that you are not good enough to deserve a genuinely caring relationship.

Reversing the roles for power and control
This could be an attempt to overcome the powerlessness you felt when you were being abused.

You may or not realize this but the reality is one tends carry a lot of anger about what happened to them and abuse can be a way to express that anger.

##The lie Feels Safer Than Reality
There are moments when the pain is all we know.

In case you doubt anything within your gut, just seek help.
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