I Wanna Make A Playlist About It

Each Friday, three guys (Brandon, Kenny and Bobby), with no business giving their opinions on anything, talk guests into creating a music playlist based on random topics taken from their bullsh*t conversations.


Ep 3 A Playlist about lullabies you would sing to baby new year 2022 if you were forced to babysit and nobody wanted to help (Live New Year’s Eve special)
Show Details46min 21s
Ep 2 A playlist about taking a well planned out road trip but forgetting to pack pants or underwear with Middagh Goodwin
Show Details1hr 2min
A playlist about what we think Sergie’s dog will drag in the background (with Sergie Loobkoff of Ways Away and Samiam)
Show Details52min 57s
Show Promo!
Show Details1min 45s