I Saw A Picture

Do you think trees exist when you're not looking? Do you believe in the concept of the sky? What does it mean to "look" at something? What meaning do you derive from the shapes you see? If you've ever wondered these questions, or, even better, if they've never occurred to you. Please join me in exploring a new way to interact with the seemingly mundane things of the world around you.

I Saw A Picture is a podcast in which I will describe to you an image. The descriptions will wander. The images referenced may or may not exist. Each section of the podcast contains ten episodes. Each episode contains 1000 words. Episodes will be released consecutively on days divisible by seven. After which point, there will be a brief hiatus between sections.


Sky — Filed Under "N" For Nature
Show Details5min 40s
Mushrooms — Filed Under "N" For Nature
Show Details5min 57s
Trees — Filed Under "N" For Nature
Show Details5min 19s
I Saw A Picture — Trailer
Show Details28s