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I Know I Know: A Solo Beatles Podcast

The Beatles were a group for seven years recording music. As solo artists, they have had more than 80% of the whole catalog as solo artists and their choice side projects. There are few solo Beatle podcasts and even fewer hosted by a teenager. Join me ( Usually with a guest) as we interview people, discuss topics and albums and even remminise about the group years sometimes. Please Subscribe to our youtube page if you would like and look out for us elsewhere





Interview with Brian Ray
Show Details35min 33s
The Beatles Recording Refrence Manuals With Jerry Hammack!
Show Details35min 39s
Get Back!
Show Details46min 23s
The John Lennon Series
Show Details48min 59s
The Beatles And Political Ventures ( With Ericia White)
Show Details51min 5s
Ticket To Ride With Jan Mitchell
Show Details55min 56s
The History of Badfinger with Darren Devivio
Show Details1hr 3min
Let it be: My Chat With Michael Lindsay-Hogg
Show Details35min 50s
Steve Matteo Interview
Show Details59min 45s
Interview witrh Bruce Sugar
Show Details44min 13s
Harrison 1979 With Jon Stone
Show Details48min 8s
Little Wing: The Jimmy McColough Story
Show Details35min 11s
All Things Must Pass And Assorted Love Songs
Show Details38min 13s
Brainwashed With Ed Chen
Show Details51min 47s
Martin Glover (Youth) Interview with Ken Michaels
Show Details55min 32s
The Songs We Were Singing Part one With Kit O'Toole
Show Details51min 18s
Episode 40 Juniors Farm With Dan Ealey
Show Details31min 27s
I Know I Know Episode 39 Deep Cuts with Max Comeau
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 36: Underrated albums with Allan Kozinn
Show Details1hr 5min
Episode 33: is Paul McCartney Dead With Max Comeau
Show Details50min 28s
Episode 30! Hot Bolonga!
Show Details58min 52s
I Know I Know Episode 32: Ticket To Ride
Show Details53min 32s
Laurence Juber
Show Details45min 18s
Interview with Denny Siewell!
Show Details56min 59s
I Know I Know Episode 24! Mind Games With Andy Nicholes!
Show Details1hr 16min
I Know I Know Walls And Bridges With Kit O' Toole!
Show Details1hr 16min
Laurence Juber!
Show Details45min 11s
8. Talking With Ken Michaels!
Show Details59min 46s
7! Top 5 Mccartney songs per decade with Tom Hunyady!
Show Details1hr 6min
7. Off The Ground With Ethan Alexanian
Show Details55min 10s
I Know I Know Episode 17! Venus And Mars
Show Details23min 14s
1. I know I Know Abby Road Review
Show Details12min 42s
2. I know I Know George Harrison Live In Japan Review!
Show Details14min 41s
3.George Harrison Album Rankings
Show Details18min 45s
3. I Know I Know Episode Flowers In The Dirt
Show Details11min 50s