Hello and welcome to my podcast “I don’t even know anymore” I am your host JessJen. On this podcast, I discuss my crazy dreams I had for the past week, a ghost in my apartment and some crazy ass news. I also like to participate in self-deprecating humor and go off on tangents. Did I also mention that I’m just teensy weensy obsessed with cnco?


Tik Tok racism, culture appropriation and Boosie Bad Azz nonsense
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Quarantine Life
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I love Zodiac Memes
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Richard makes me feel like ugh
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I want Pennywise to take my soul apparently
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I’m back on TikTok
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Racism is stupid and apparently my love language is physical touch
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Did I ever mention that it was a coincidence that Beyoncé got backlash?
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A Religious touching kids and I get chased by monkeys?
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I would rather get killed by a Yautja than a xenomorph
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CNCO dream and ghost update
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I Lost my virginity to an idiot
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It would be dope if I became friends with cnco (also dreams are weird)
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World’s Largest Oujia Board and Ghosts
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Move In Martha
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Why disrespecting the LGBTQ+ community is ridiculous
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