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A podcast where i rant about stupid people doing stupid things that piss me off.


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Show Details51s
Episode 14 Some People Really DON'T have Enough
Show Details9min 11s
Episode 13 Stupid People should NOT have kids
Show Details8min 10s
Episode 12 Social Media Superstar
Show Details2min 50s
Episode 11 Garth releases Triple Live album for 6th time
Show Details7min 19s
Episode 10 Garth FUN album NOT FUN at all
Show Details7min 7s
Episode 9 Parents and Pet Owners the world revolves around you
Show Details7min 17s
Episode 8 Driving and Parking in a holler
Show Details2min 10s
Episode 7 FUN Garth and Amazon Screw over fans
Show Details4min 41s
Episode 6 How Great is Garth
Show Details5min 42s
Episode 5 Good Paerenting
Show Details8min 18s
Episode 4 Telemarketers and Teletexters
Show Details4min
Episode 3 Youtube Protects Pedophiles
Show Details4min 59s
Episode 2 Pedophile flag
Show Details7min 13s
Episode 1 Living in an apartment complex
Show Details2min 1s
Introduction to H.U.T.A.D. podcast
Show Details1min 37s